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Cardi B confirms that things are happening with offset

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Earlier today (January 31), it was announced that Cardi B and Offset were officially again together. Now, Cardi came to speak more about this issue, and although she does not say with certainty whether she and Offset officially have covered things, she clearly makes it clear that they have started in that direction.

Cardi published information about the status of her marriage with Offset, after appearing in a criminal court in the case of a lawsuit in the strip club. The journalists asked the repertoire nominated for Gramma about her and Offset. "We are working on things, honey," replied Bardi, who apparently denied TMZ's report on how she returned with Offset today.

According to the first reports, the parents of Culture were together again and planned to improve their relationships while living under the same roof in Atlanta. Offset, as reported, agreed to stop cheating. In addition, Migos reper has changed its phone number for its phone, which is now only for Cardi and its business deals. She also set up a "no-group" policy for the Super Bowl Weekend in Atlanta.

As for her appearance in the courtroom, Cardi was at the Criminal Court in Cuenca to hear submissions about her misdemeanor reports arising from the alleged club attack. She faces charges of committing an offense of wanton vulnerability and assault, which are both allegations arising from the quarrel in the Club of Angels on August 29, 2018. barmen at the venue.

Cardi B returns to court on April 4th.

Vatch Cardi B confirm that Offset does things underneath.

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