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Developer Diing Light 2 denies that it was bought by Microsoft

Developer Diing Light 2 denies that it was bought by Microsoft 2

With any game coming out these days, fans usually have two questions: when did it come out and will it be on the Xbox Game Pass? There is a thought that almost every third-party game will eventually get Microsoft everything you can play, or that Xboss Phil Spencer might throw out his credit card and add another studio to Xbox’s growing list of acquisitions.

The latest studio rumored to be gripped by the most powerful existing bank account? Diing Light 2 programmer Techland. Only that doesn’t happen, because the manager of the Techland community confirmed that the developer does not plan to sell his independence and that “it was not acquired by another publisher”.

Initial rumors came from Jeremy Penter’s podcast (ACG), where Penter claimed that Microsoft wanted to drop another news announcement while revealing another major acquisition. Alleged insider Nick Baker also claimed that Penter was referring to Techland.

And that’s the end of that rumor! Techland is currently too busy to even think of a sale right now, and the development of Diing Light 2 is still continuing after the great sequel writer Chris Avellone got the boot after serious accusations against him were made public. The release date of Diing Light has not been confirmed yet, but when it arrives, it will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

As for Microsoft? It will probably sooner or later have an announcement that the next studio will be added to the list of the first party. I’m just saying, now is the right time to buy Konami and do it something with the Metal Gear franchise.

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