Tuesday , September 27 2022

Do not be neutral in the crime, you say to a new policeman, Gauteng


He spoke on launching crime prevention operations in 2018 on Thursday.

The event was held at Vestgate Mall.

"If we are prosecuting a criminal and hiding in a particular house and neglecting to tell us where he is hiding, and tomorrow, the same criminal is killing your brother or raping his mother? Would you be bold enough to tell your relatives to know where he is hiding? I invite the community not to be neutral. "

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He said that operations will expand to illegal mining and organized crime this year.

"Our scope will extend beyond the lines of supply of drugs and firearms or other identified commodities in the fight against illegal mining, where illegal groups are now fighting each other. Our scope will also include organized heavy robberies involving trio crimes, CIT robberies and bombings at ATM. "

He said that the police work together with the "Fight against crime" company to track cash movements in an effort to fight the robbery of cash in transit.

Masha, who was appointed after the recent retirement of Delive De Lange, did not want to be drawn to questions about the appearance of his predecessor in the Specialized Court of Commercial Crime for allegations of fraud in the amount of R84 million.

De Lange is on bail R20,000.

Masha said that the law should be allowed to go its way.

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