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Free Google Home Mini Speaker – Spotify offer expanded to UK

Last year, Spotifi offered a free Google Home Mini Speaker for Family Premium subscribers in the United States, and now offers the same job to customers in the UK …


Unusual, the business is available to existing and new Premium users.

It is part of an aggressive music streaming campaign to increase the level of paid subscription. He follows a further US marketing campaign that offers a free Hulu account with new Spotifi Premium accounts.

However, this could be a risky move for Spotifi: the speaker comes with a free trial of three months for IouTube Music Premium, which competes itself with Spotifi and Apple Music.

For those who are not familiar with the family account, he offers individual Spotifi Premium accounts for up to six members of the household. Each of them has their own saved music, plailles and recommendations, just as if they had a solo subscription.

The Google home mini can recognize individual voices, so when you make a voice request to play music, it should be connected to the correct account.

The request for a speaker must be made by the primary bearer of the order being reported here. You will also need a Google Account to take advantage of the offer.

Deadline for submitting a request for a free Google Home Mini Speaker is May 14.

In addition to trying to attract subscribers to free services, Spotifi is also struggling with Apple due to the way in which the in-app subscription is processed. The company filed an antitrust appeal in Europe, accusing Apple of giving "an unfair advantage at every step".

The commentators noticed three risks for Apple from the appeal. Apple defended, accusing Spotifi of wanting to benefit from a free application, and not being free, and Spotifi replied with the assertion that "every monopoly would say that they did not do anything wrong".

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