Monday , March 20 2023

Gigaba: I'm sorry about the pink finger


Interior Minister Malusi Gigab apologized for failing to pull his pink finger on Parliament's parliamentary seat Tuesday.

In tweet, the minister said that provoking, in combination with the effort he was under, he was not an excuse to make a gesture.

He agreed with another veto who said that gesture would be introduced into a "toxic masculinity discourse".

The risky gesture was a call to the EFF MP Mbuiiseni Ndlozi proposal that ministers of the cabinet can be given mobile phones without a camera, in order to avoid their hacking.

To laugh with the EFF bench, Ndlozi said: "Dear President [Cyril Ramaphosa], you know that this phone does not have a camera.

"Maybe you want to start ordering it for members of the cabinet because it will save us a lot [from] some of their unpleasant activities.

"Can not even hack this phone. Can I add it to you to have a model that phones could be critical for honorable members of the cabinet?"

It was a reference to the self-recorded Gigabe band that broke last month. The video contains "content of sexual nature", which Gigaba claimed was released after his phone was hacked.

The Minister replied to Ndlozi by raising a pink-gesture that someone interpreted as an insult to the size of the penis.

Gigabov's gesture deserved it to survive on social media.

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