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How to keep your penis healthy and maintain libido


Let's start with the hard truth: Time will not be kind to your penis. In the coming year, it will dampen, desensitize, soften, calm down and reduce. Ready for Good News? To a large extent, you can protect your rewarded additive from aging in the same way as you would treat everything you love – give it a TLC that is supported by science. We used seven tactics to help you keep your wang in excellent condition.

Give Iour Gui Makeover

Growing up a big old beard will make the guy look older, more experienced. If you are facing a baby, it can be a serious plus, but you probably do not want your penis to look so shameful. Depending on how busy you are, cutting your pubic hair can give your penis a patina of youth, but that's not all – decoration can reveal up to one inch of your shaft, creating an illusion of a larger penis, should this type of thing interest you.

Once you have cleaned the brush, applying a good moisturizing cream will help you restore your watch even more. Dr. Joshua ZeichnerThe Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at the Mount Sinai Hospital Dermatology Department invites you to treat your flesh with lightweight lotions, "without having to put on creams or fats that can leave your skin moist and more susceptible to bacterial or fungal growth."

Fill the pump

Sildenafil – the active ingredient Viagra – can be taken before sex to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). However, a study in 2004, presented at a meeting of the American Association for Urology Research, showed that taking a daily dose for a long period can return the erection to their former glory – even when the treatment is completed. The researchers shared men who had experienced ED for six months or more in three groups. The first group took 50 mg of Viagra doses before bedtime. The other group took 50-100mg Viagra as needed, while the group of three had no treatment.

A year later, he followed a month without treatment of erectile dysfunction. Almost 60 percent of men in the group returned normal erections, while less than 10 percent of men who took Viagra had a similar return of normal erections if needed. Although sildenafil is not prescribed for the maintenance of the penis, this study suggests that charging with a sildenafil pump or tadalafil, an active ingredient in Cialis, prescribed daily, could bring dividends.

"Men have five or six erections every night," said New York urologist Seth Cohen from Langone, adding that each erection increases the blood supply to the penis up to six times. "If erections become less frequent or less robust, there is thought to be a reduction in oxygen that brings blood to the tissues and, over time, the tissue of the penis will lose its elasticity making the erection difficult to achieve."

Quitting smoking

If you are a smoker, you not only increase your chances of premature death, but you also loot from thicker, faster and more firm erections that you will recall from your salad days. While this statement of arrest is not written on the cardboard – although it should probably be – it was the conclusion of a survey conducted in 2011. On the first day of the study, participants were asked to watch pornography while they were tied to penis pletysmography that measured changes in the volume and hardness of the penis. Then, the volunteers spent the next eight weeks trying to get rid of the habit of cigarettes.

Almost a third (31%) of participants who successfully quit smoking had a fuller erection than before they returned to the apparatus, while three-quarters (75%) of those who experienced ED at the beginning of the Study was large and in charge. "[Smoking] reduces the amount of oxygen to the penis, which can lead to scarring and loss of elasticity, "explains Ro's clinical director, Tzvi Doron, adding that smoking also leads to damage to the arteries and reduces the oxygen that reaches the penis, reducing the amount of available chemical nitrogen oxide that is needed to induce an erection, as well as sending nicotine and carbon monoxide to the tissue, which impedes the erection.


Yes, eight glasses of water a day is something the boy has pulled out of his ass, but do not let it blur the fact that drinking adequate amounts of water is an integral part of every physical function, including the maintenance of a youthful erection. According to a study conducted by French physiologist Simon Thornton, a drop in the amount of red blood cells and plasma that circulates in the body can lead to a fall. Thornton pointed out a secondary reason why he would drink plenty of water per day, probably paying dividends in his research. When you are dehydrated, produce a higher amount of angiotensin, a type of hormone that is usually found in men who have difficulty achieving collegial erection. "The ability to send blood to all parts of the body on demand is compromised when men are dehydrated," says Michael Reitano, MD at the residence of Ro. Reitano explains that the body must make some difficult decisions where to send Blood when you are dehydrated. "The penis can be your highest priority, but the heart, kidney, liver and other organs needed for survival will always be in the first place," he says.

Practice good hygiene of sleep

The lack of sleep is associated with a number of health problems that cause sexual problems while aging, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. One of the many reasons why a lack of sutures can affect your will is that, like several other habits, it reduces the amount of testosterone that your body can produce or access. This was demonstrated in a 2011 study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. They found that after a week of sleep deprivation (less than 5 hours of sleep at night), the young men had 15 percent less testosterone than usual. One of the latest studies highlighting the relationship between the quality of sleep and erectile function came from the Medical College Bailor in Houston in 2018.

Used or lost

If your Swedes do not set up regularly, this will diminish his abilities and that is why he is young. A Finnish study published in The American Journal of Medicine has shown that men who have sexual intercourse once a week can reduce their chances of developing erectile dysfunction in sex, compared to sex that is less than that. The same study in 2008 also showed that men had more sex more often, their erections improved more. Writing in the article, Dr. Juha Koskimaki, dr. he noted that: "The continuation of sexual activity reduces the frequency of erectile dysfunction in direct proportion to the coital frequency." In order for your boner to be in the best condition, write yourself a recipe that will use your favorite tool at least once a week, whether in partnership or alone.

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