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IKEA sets the date for affordable speakers with Sonos

IKEA will transfer the linings from its new Simonisk smart speaker with a Sonos drive next month in Milan, the company said. Earlier this year, the company announced that it will begin selling these speakers in the US and Europe in August, but we will first look at products in April. IKEA has posted a short video to join his announcement, but several details have been offered.

The video (below) lasts only 40 seconds and does not have much detail. Two masked regions are visible – they are pixelated points on the wall and suggest that two products will be discovered in April. One model seems to be high, indicating speakers similar to the tower, while others seem to be placed on a wall shelf.

The company will reveal its smart speakers at the Milan furniture fair next month as part of the FEEL HOME exhibition. The presented products will be first publicly presented at the Symphony line, joining the prototype speakers on the shelves that Sonos and IKEA have already introduced.

We can assume that two discovers will have drastically different forms based on the size, orientation and position of the masked regions in the IKEA's video. It is expected that speakers will work with the company's Smartflight Smartflight system launched in 2016.

Speaking about the upcoming premiere, the IKEA Home Smart business leader Bjorn Block, who said:

For IKEA, a smart house does not refer to gadgets, but to improving life at home with solutions that create a better atmosphere, make you live a more practical life and feel safe. Collaboration with Sonos is a great example of this, offering affordable high quality sound combined with excellent design work that we hope will be found in the homes of many people.

IKEA will be in Milan from 9 to 14 April.

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