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Kate Middleton: Photos show that Kate is surrounded by "male fans" without Prince William Roial | Nevs

Duchess is known all over the world because of its iconic style, elegance and sophistication. Kate, as Williams' first serious girlfriend, spent most of her adult life in disadvantage for a royal role and adapting to control. For this reason, since weddings for Prince Villiam in 2010, many described her as a perfect royal wife.

However, just like most young people, even a prospective duchess enjoyed fun and there were several occasions when she left the guard before she officially joined the royal family.

A Mail Online 2008 report claims that Kate, who was just Prince William's girlfriend at the time, joined thousands of people who enjoyed the Nelson Mandela concert on the 90th birthday in Hide Park on June 27th.

The 26-year-old was thought of as laughing and had a time of his life in an environment where Mail Online described a lot of "male fans".

At that time, Prince William led his military career at HMS Iron Duke in the Caribbean.

Kate at the birthday party watched works such as Amy Vinehouse, Sugababes, Leona Levis, Razorlight and Kueen, presented by Vill Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

That year was not the only chance for a Duchess to be shown at a party.

In 2008, she helped organize an eight-year theme Dai-Glo Midnight Roller Disco for charity.

The event was held in Renaissance rooms at Vaukhall in London, and as a co-organizer, Kate fully devoted to the topic of fun.

Twenty-six-year-old was dressed in bright yellow hot pants, pink leg heater, black boots and green top.

Clothing did little to hide her dignity, especially when she slid down and sloppyly painted during her slip routine and was painfully introduced on the floor in what Mail Online described at that time as a "shameful pile."

The duchess was not hurt and after a few seconds lay on the floor, her friends were thought to help her get up.

The event attracted hundreds of guests, and many were wearing equally elegant dresses.

Keith's sister, Pippa, also opted for pink leg heater to brighten up her little black dress.

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