Thursday , May 26 2022

Man will open after he has lost eight of his relatives in the South Cape fire


The flame destroyed 19 homes and 10,000 hectares of vegetation.

The seedlings burn as firefighters are part of the George wild fire in Southern Cape. Picture: Bertram Malgas

FOGVÁROS – Eyewitness News confirmed that eight people were killed in the Garden Route blaze.

The flame that has been raging for about a week has destroyed 19 houses and 10,000 hectares of vegetation.

Officials are investigating the causes of the fire and are still evaluating the cost of the damage.

The deceased relative tells Benjamin Oelf when he last saw them at the funeral of his two-year-old son last year.

Oelf has eight other funerals: his sister, brother's girlfriend, nephew and five grandchildren, the youngest 11-month-old Nalani.

They died at the beginning of the week when a flame went off in the Karatara Farleigh forest.

"I did not think too much, because I think I have a choice: either now it hurts to go or I'm here for my family." He decides to be here now, I think I'm sorry in my own time.

Oelf, who works in Johannesburg, says he will continue to support the family as long as he needs it.

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Oelf was in Johannesburg when he heard that the George Fire was getting closer to his family at Farleigh Forest. He knew he had to go as soon as possible and go to them.

"I heard that our house was burned, there was no confirmation of loss at this point, but at that moment I knew I should be here for my family.

But when he came to Tuesday, he learned that it was too late.

"Tomorrow will be 10 months because I lost my son, who was two years old." I live in this world where I can not lose more families, I think I'm blocking it.

Now, Oelf says he does not want to think about what he has lost.

Names of deceased relatives:

Elsabe Windvogel (42), Nahaya Oelf (3), Aliyah Oelf (13) and Nalani Oelf (11), Ethan Windvogel (2), Eljade Windvogel (12), Andrea Bewee (21), Nalaya Oelf (5).

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

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