Friday , November 22 2019
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'Nine wasted years' claim is political dishonesty: Zuma

"To help clear the air for the nine years I must give a report of what we did. Which should be unfortunate because I may be forced to do so as a person who was the leader of the ANC and the government.

"These statements, these statements are saying in actual fact … saying to people 'guys we, the ANC, we failed, we wasting things in the nine years but please vote for us." You can not say when you are approaching the vote.

"Because people can not vote for you for failing them. Instead of highlighting things that were done, I do not understand. That's why my view is that this must be in a sense influenced by things that I might not even know," added Zuma.

He said it was incorrect information that nothing happened during his nine years in government.

"I do not understand, absolutely." I think it must stop because it does not help. It is actually making us to begin to argue about this in public. I think it is not absolutely correct and I will not keep quiet because At that time I had the responsibility of leading the ANC and the government. That's why, especially when I heard what Tito said, I thought it was important to correct this, "added Zuma.

He said some people were making him a scapegoat for everything that went wrong and he was made out as the "number one corrupt" man in the country.

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