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Overview of Section 2 in progress – Updated


Now I'm on the edge of the Division 2 division – and my progress to the maximum level was pleasant, if not a bit plain. There is a clearly similar mission structure present in each of the 11 PvE zones, but new activities are introduced as you progress, and the freedom to deal with these tasks in any order you want to keep it from feeling like you are mendacious. Post-collapse backgrounds of Washington DC, D.C. is amazingly well realized, with every corner and crevice with generously loaded checks and collector items.

When you wander into a new area, a safe house, capture points, storytelling missions and a host of other activities will welcome you. There are elite patrols for destruction, friendly resource convoys for protection, supply drops to catch, and some other chances. These activities are satisfactory in themselves, but they usually result in plunder and appear on your map to make you pamper when available. However, I was glad to discover that everything that is paid can not be found on the map. Usually you will find your breasts at the end of the otherwise meaningless expedition, which meant that I never felt bad for leaving curiosity when it comes to research. An adventurous spirit is a wonderful feeling that in a world that is huge and beautiful as Division 2 has described Washington, D.C.

Zlikovci who inhabit D.C. are not as interesting as the item itself. Now I'm at level 30 and I'm not familiar with new enemy archetypes around level 15. The bosses, disappointing, are still just normal bad with more hits. The closest thing I saw to a well-known boss came in the form of Diesel, from the Union Arena District, which briefly took control of the dome on a stationary armored car, but it turned out to be another Kevlar Cold Machine Gunner Hiena.

Even foreseeable fighting is still fun thanks to the well-refined battle of Division 2. t

There are clues to the creative design of the encounter, such as the assassination of numerous suicide bombers in the Federal Bunker, but most of the time you are facing a predictable assortment of hurries, snipers, engineers and gunners. Luckily, even foreseeable fights are still fun thanks to the well-refined battle of Division 2. t Playing is impressive with the sponge of the original stillhere. Enemies are deadly, and AI does a wonderful job trying to get behind you. I hope that the final activities (in which I will immerse themselves) will use this formula as a solid basis for upgrading, and not just repeat it.

At this moment, I am at the elbow in high-end items, and as a result, my honeymoon phase with Division 2 robbery is over (at least until the results, unique bonuses and exotics are not reached). Instead of what is new and exciting, I am now very much interested in what is actually effective. A LMG, assault rifles and sniper rifles have a monopoly here. I still hope that shotguns, SMGs and DMRs will have time to shine with real construction, but for now, the choice of one of these weapons results in a significant loss in the DPS.

When it's something I can use, prey is extremely interesting thanks to deep, well-communicated systems such as talents and attributes. "Doing", a talent that allows you to burn grenades, is extremely useful; Frenzy, which increases the damage to fire and fire rate by 35% after recharging from an empty magazine, is monstrously powerful and fun to use.

Attributes are slightly less noticeable, but no less important: they are randomly processed statistics that fall into one of three categories: attack, defense, and skills. Having enough insulting attributes, for example, is important because it will allow you to take advantage of certain talents on your equipment.

I can not wait to see how it all shakes when powerful variables such as gears and exotic go into the game.

These complicated systems exist at the top of randomly based database statistics and set up bonuses for other ARPGs. Although I have not yet begun to fine-tune the material, I could see all these elements that keep me invested in the Division 2 plunder for a very long time. I can not wait to see how it all shakes when powerful variables like the result of gears and exotic go into the game.

I did not really intend to do this, but as often the case with a day, video game grinds during the working week I ended up playing most of the levels from 1 to 30 solo. For those who like this lonely style, I'm glad to inform you that everything worked well. There is no content that feels beyond the boundaries. In this regard, I play the shooters in the common world to share the world, so I promise that my limited experience with the team game has been pleasant so far. Skills such as "Reviver Hive", which resurrect dead or defunct allies, or "Firestarter Chem Launcher", which lays the space in a gas that explodes when firing, feels especially for a multiplier.

It's a welcome inclusion that mediation is always an option, no matter what you do. You can pair over the terminals in safe areas, in the menu in the open world, or simply walk to someone and press a few buttons. The connection time has been a long time in my experience, but time will show whether or not it was the result of progress in the curve in terms of hours invested. Also, it's incredible that I have to talk about the functionality of the conversation that comes out of the box in a full game of the divided world, but here we are. The Division 2 interview is a great feature.

Overall, the initial progression of the balance in Division 2 was a relatively joyful action. It easily deletes the low line for the genre, but this is not yet an experience that I would have undergone in a vacuum without the promise of a deep and interesting ending. To really succeed from here, Division 2 should show me that my time is well spent by providing me with a unique, PvE and PvP-based game of progression, which I can only get in a full game. .

If I had to score now, after 30 hours, I would give it 8.0, which is great on our scale. To find out if endgame justifies this result, you're improving it, or disappointing me, keep up with IGN – the final review is just a few days.


March 13

Updating progress: I am currently at level 27, and the end of the game is in sight! I enjoyed increasing the incidence of falls at a high level and my overall impression is still positive. If nothing else, Division 2 has become even more favorable since my last renewal. It's nice to get a few weapons that can provoke archetypal all-powerful assault rifles and sniper rifles, and the variety of hostile encounters is still exciting. More tomorrow!


The first day – March 12th

After the first day of the Division 2 I sit at level 18, which means that I am more than halfway through the initial stage of promotion – but I hope that I have experienced much less than half the content that this joint world event can offer, because it would be disappointing. Division 2 has already succeeded in many areas where the original falter is, and as a result, my impressions so far are mostly positive. Gunplai is punchier, the enemies are mechanically diversified, prey is generous and interesting, and his beautifully realized recreation of Washington is sufficiently populated by fun activities and hidden goods. Based on what I played on private and open beta tests, I am still concerned that the fight could return to its spongy situation in the finals, but for now, Division 2 feels very good.

The story of the Revised Division 2 pistol is as follows: a pronounced jerk, faster killing, more enemies with a "red bar" that is easy to kill, and immediately visible effects from firing your weapon (such as destroyed armored plates or spaced points) of hostile steps). There is also much more creative diversity in terms of hostile archetypes, especially in the fraction of Mad Mak-eskue "Outcasts". Their suicide bombers are liquidated after any damage is inflicted on their striking explosive vest, their engineering archetype sets up RC-cars that keep sighting straight from combat boats, and their heavy armor opposes the cliché-mini pistol in favor of a chainsaw.

Another important motive that helped fight Division 2 is to stay comfortable and play again, and that is mortality. Every enemy is dangerous. Red-bar grunts can die at the moment, but they will split you halfway if you ignore their aggressive side maneuvers. As a result, hostile bosses are difficult not only because of their health pool and damage, but also because they are hindered by smaller (but still threatening) enemies.

Unfortunately, the bosses themselves have so far been downhill. The adversaries with yellow color are little more than the steroid versions of their subordinates, which is disappointing. I'm still waiting for a big, bombastic, unique and hand-made boss meeting. Moreover, the designated versions of light armor archetypes, such as the sniper boss, feel like enemies that came out of Division 1 in the sense of unexplained sponges.

Comprehensive story of Division 2 has so far failed to bring my attention.

The Comprehensive Story of Division 2 has so far failed to bring my attention, but it succeeded in narrating. The mission of the early Jefferson shopping center effectively establishes roles: the division agent was taken hostage and then executed in that premise in an unexpected way, without interrupting the game's flow. Likewise, the journey through the contaminated prehistoric museum – encouraged by the trail of the Easter eggs – took a tragic turn when I realized that a quiet management was actually a hospice for the condemned victims of a green poison.

Like a fight, progression is another area in which Division 2 was pleasantly surprised. The rule seems to be that if you feel like you're rewarded with a big booty, it probably is. Checkpoints are limited to supply directly from the domain of greed in Diablo 3, and the dark zone introduced me to my first superior and to my first top-notch. Finally, there are tons of scattered scattered around the area of ​​the mission and the open world, which is a sufficient incentive to stop and sense the roses. As a result of open-air activities and the good things mentioned above, the highly-executed Washington DC feels much less bare than the original recreation of New York.

The quantity is good, but the quality is obligatory, and in that sense the prey of Division 2 proved to be interesting, or at least as interesting as it could be a pair of knee pads. The first non-weapon I really spoke about was a top quality kevlar vest, called "Ks-TREIME Pro Ribcage". In addition to boasting a huge amount of armor, he had attributes and talents that increased my health and strokes. damage by 20 percent, which is pretty crazy for an item in the middle of the game. There seems to be a welcome correlation between aesthetic details and mechanical strength when it comes to gears that carry stat. The weapon absolutely steals the show in the Division 2 regarding the booty, but I also discovered a worrying imbalance between archetypes of weapons.

So far, the P-416 of the central rarity stands above all other weapons I have found in terms of an effective DPS.

Unlike fate or anthem, Division 2 contains in-game tools to measure your damage per second in the form of a shooting range. It is more than welcome inclusions, but it also has the effect of highlighting exactly how balanced or unbalanced each archetype of weapons. So far, the P-416 of the central rarity stands above all other weapons I have found in terms of an effective DPS. And while there is an argument for using a long range of sniper rifles or LMGs, there seems to be no situation in which any rifle I own (even those with higher rarities and level) would be more desirable. I hope – and I sincerely expect – that this will change while I unlock more high-end and exotic equipment, but it is currently feeling like a waste of time to use many other weapons. It's disappointing.

At this moment, I am eager to progress through the rest of the path of the critical story of Division 2, and I am absolutely glad that it will end with the final game. I need to further study specializations, finish PvE content, Dark Zone and organize PvP before making a judgment. It is possible that the elements I have enjoyed so far can stagnate, or that new problems may arise, but for now I am an optimist and have enjoyed my time with Division 2 so far.

Day 0 – March 11

My review of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is underway, after a sudden launch of the PC version this morning, and I am currently working my way through a critical story in a quick rhythm to get to my final content. I will ask Division 2 to present an interesting new robbery and hostile mechanics in a constant rhythm so that the initial milling turns away from the feeling of grind, and I hope to see how it gives me enough reason to team up with other players. I will also keep a sharp eye on whether the real environment leads to relatively limited mechanics; I expect spectacular meetings of the boss and meaningful choices. Reality is no excuse to be boring.

So far, several things stand out after only a few hours. The arsenal of the real-fire weapon division 2 is sensitive and effective when compared to that of its predecessor. There are enough jerks on the mouse and the keyboard to guarantee compensation, and the enemies react to the fact that they shot much faster than in the original, which is a small but crucial detail when it comes to creating a pistol satisfaction. Another factor in that is the time to kill, which I do not want to comment on, as I think it will become more progressive. I have to be sold on the illusion that my pistols are effective all the way through the story and the endings, which is a poor balance to be achieved when human enemies can absorb hundreds of rounds before they turn. So far, the best idea of ​​Division 2 in this regard is to use visual indicators such as bulky armor that can be cut off to convey hostile resistance, but it seems that this trick is specific to "heavy" enemy archetype and there were plenty of sponge bosses in beta version that lacks this destructive armor.

Loot is interesting so far, but that does not say much. Finding my first AK-M was fun enough, but the real test is whether Division 2 will succeed as the RPG will be determined whether I am alone or not excited to pick up my 100th version of that same rifle. At the end of the game, I will search my prey to inform and change my tunic, not only increase my statistics of damage and strength for another small increment.

I am interested in seeing what the continuation fills this impressively dirty post-pandemic world in terms of a unique game.

From what I saw, Division 2 is close to recreation in Washington DC as tangled as the original evocation of New York, which was one of its strongest lines. But I am more interested in seeing what continuation fills this impressively dirty post-pandemic world in terms of the unique possibilities of playing. Previous activities that are set out are outdoor events such as checkpoints that offer a challenging attack on the enemy, it is forbidden to play the battles with the boss and access to the spacious room at the end.

The last thing I want to talk about at this very early stage is the dark zone, the dynamic open space in which hostile hostile enemies are abounding and the players can turn against each other at any time. That's what I most expected in Division 2, but my experiences with her in the beta did not promise because of all bureaucracy about the fight. In order to damage another player, you must first label yourself as a rogue, which can be done by performing numerous actions, including holding the button – an important detail that is not explained in the introductory Dark Zone mission. PvP in a high-investment environment should be intuitive and understandable. According to him, two of the three Dark Zone are normalized in the sequel, which means that the level of players and equipment should not be important in the fight, which should lead to less confusing struggles with other players. But in the beta phase, I still encountered a lot of "why are not you dead" moments that I could not help but feel that it would have ended differently that all things were actually the same. I hope that while I will invest more time in the new dark zones, the situation will be resolved and made possible by its merits.

This is just the absolute top of the iceberg, of course – I'll bring you to frequent updates of this overview until a final review is published. This will happen after I experience everything that Division 2 can offer, so currently I do not know exactly how long it will be, but we will find out together. Hit me questions in comments or on Twitter on ThuggnDuggn.

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