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Paul Scholes may have shown former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho in the real failure of Oldham

When Paul Scholes took over Oldham Athletic a few months ago, he said he would only work for two clubs – Oldham and Manchester United.

Scholes took over the club that he supported as a boy on an 18-month contract, marking his first steps in management.

This move was filled with great interest in the media, and United fans carefully watched Scholes after their former number 18 was one of the worst critics of Jose Mourinho.

Indeed, Mourinho himself challenged the experts who criticized him – including Scholes – after winning the Champions League over Ioung Bois in November.

He said, "I would invite people to sit on the bench as managers, but I think it's better to have a lot of vacation in Barbados and go to the TV screen and touch electronic dolls.

"It's much more pleasant than being on the line as managers are.

"I'm pretty sure that a real football manager would never criticize another because of an emotional reaction to the line because it is a deja vu. For those who have a beautiful life, it's different.

Three months later, Scholes was in the baton, and he was ready for criticism from Mourinho.

After taking Oldham's job, he said: "I think he is [Mourinho] will watch the results. Will they watch games that I'm not too sure about?

"It's part of what I was listening to for a bit, but I wanted to get into it (management), but I left it open. I was pretty critical."

"If somebody wants to dig me, I will not notice anything. The only person I answer is the owner."

Jose Mourinho appears as a pundit after leaving Manchester United.

However, just 31 days after he started his managerial career, Scholes has already left Oldham – citing working conditions as his reasons for leaving, amid rumors of interfering President Abdallah Lemsagam.

"In the short period since I took over, unfortunately, it became clear that I would not be able to do the way I intended, and that before that I believed in taking over that role," Scholes said, in a statement published before the League Two announced his departure.

Lemsagam replied, saying: "I and the staff at the club gave Paul all the support and autonomy he was looking for.

"He did not raise any concerns about the team or any other matters informally or formally before his resignation. He did not give any opportunity or indication that it was necessary at all to deal with any issues. "

However, while the conditions Scholes radio and his premature departure dominated in the titles, he oversaw seven games that are a clearer representation of his time in Oldham – and will he succeed again.

His first game was promising.

The home victory 4: 1 against Ieovil saw an attacking football and a formation that reflected Scholes's spacious style of play. The show was encouraging, and Latics fans were ready to join the meeting.

Paul Scholes won only six points as Oldham manager in seven games.

The next game was followed by a similar pattern in relation to Creve's form, where Oldham recognized the equalizer during the injuries to prevent Scholes from giving a maximum return of two starts.

However, if this late goal against Creve was intended to act as a learning curve, the lesson was roughly drilled in Scholes in his third game. Oldham received another injury injury, but this was the winner for the Battle of Morecambe in the third night at Boundari Park.

More goals in extra time would have been defeated at Buria and unsolved against Stevenage, while the attacking football from Scholes's first game vanished from Latics's game.

While Scholes tried to score more goals against Ieovil, he tried to keep leading positions against Crewe, Buri, Stevenage and Cambridge. But Oldham lost points in the next five games after his first win.

His final game, with Lincoln's leader, was a loss of 2: 0 for the ten Oldham, who were completely outdone as soon as Jose Bacter was dispatched in the first half for duplicity that Scholes would be proud of. It was disappointing, but not unexpectedly against the team that will play in the higher division of the next season.

A day later, Scholes sent a message to Lemsagam that he had informed him of his resignation, and the president claimed that he had interrupted every contact with the club's officials since then.

Reports from Boundary Park show that Scholes worked in tough conditions. It is also important to remember that he led the middle board of the League 2 on a difficult field – it is difficult for them to play tiki-taka football.

But Oldham fans will remember Scholes for the four consecutive games in which the goals were taken at the time of the injury. And seven points dropped in winning positions in just seven games.

He is unlikely to thank him for leaving so quickly – no matter what the circumstances and their feelings towards the owner.

It's difficult to estimate Scholes's management style – or even his general management ability – after such a turbulent month at Boundary Park.

However, limited evidence does not indicate that they will have a long career in the land. If Scholes is open only for work in Oldham or Old Trafford, his career as a manager can be completed before it starts.

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