Friday , August 19 2022

People crazy by Emili Ratajkovski's Side-Side Side Bum Pics with their friends – t


Now say everything together – vhoooo caaaaaaares?

Those who "embarrassed the body" Emili Ratajkovski and her friend, apparently, with a model that "removes sadness" since she set one beside the other picture of her ass, along with a "more complete" friend.

You can see that I really care.

Emily used this position to insert her own assortment of Inamorat swimwear, which also caused criticism.

Here are the pictures from her Instagram post:

Still with us?

Exactly, until Harper's BAZAAR:

The gross comments ranged from suspicious, rude feelings such as "Instagram vs. Reality" and "There are two types of women" to open-minded answers like "This is what the big Mac looks like in real life against billboards."

Vould Why would I subject my friend to this humiliation and harassment on the Internet by publishing it? ", Asked one user about the model in the comments section of the photo.

The other person wrote: "You have written a photo specifically so your body is better than your friend."

Luckily, the world does not consist only of people like the ones above, and Emily later commented on the post:

Then came a twitter:

Then came the part where we all continued with our lives.


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