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Project Runvai NZ's Georgia Fowler on Golf, Family and Sewing


Top Kiwi model George Fowler, based in New York, is usually every week on a long flight. But one of the gigs dropped him to Auckland for six weeks – presenting the version of fashion design in New Zealand Runvai project, supermodel for work Heidi Klum worked for the American series.

Fowler's talking Things about getting a voice and how its sewing skills melt.

How do you think you are the leader? Runvai New Zealand project?


"Do not design anything that you can buy in stores," says Runvai New Zealand's Project Georgia Fovler.

It's so exciting. It's something completely new to me. I never talked to a camera before. I usually come to a gathering and they are like: "This is hair and make-up you get. This is your clothes – pose. "So, in order to enter and have a voice and a word, and to be able to judge these incredible designers, it's really cool and it's a huge blame for learning.

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What is that voice?

George Fowler and associates Runway Project New Zealand Judge Salli-Ann Mullin and Benni Castles.


George Fowler and associates Runway Project New Zealand Judge Salli-Ann Mullin and Benni Castles.

Well, I hope I'm a good judge; I hope he is very pleasant. We just had incredible talent, so I'm excited for all of New Zealand to see it.

How you are in the sewing, and how you will be a competitor Runvai project?

I'd be out of the first week. Terrible. I saw how other people were sewing, I saw other designers and created incredible masterpieces around me … But personally, I could not do it.

How well do you think that the design that you wore on a runway translates into real life – can the real people wear them?

I mean, there's definitely a difference between life and runway.

The more I work for fashion and runway, I think it's possible to handle it in real life. When a teenager grew up here, I would think: 'It's crazy clothes'. Now I'm not scared.

I will risk – there is other aesthetics, and that's what I'm trying to encourage designers. Do not design anything you can buy in stores; to design something different and innovative and maybe a little crazy about real life, but, you know, we are at risk.

How Much Does Heidi Klum Influence Your Style Presentation?

I'm trying not to be just like Heidi and do something. So, I'm putting my own momentum and a little lower key, a bit more Kiwi.

Heidi Klum can be pretty harsh. How are you going to deliver a critique?

Sometimes it was really awkward. At first, when it was just, 'hey has 14 designers' and maybe the trousers were just really badly made, it was a lot easier and just say: "Do you really think this is made up of a standard?"

It was obvious that they just burned, that the time had disappeared, the designs were not scratches. It's harder to get to the level of taste. People love all the different things, so in some cases the mind is open, but they are criticized constructively.

Can we talk about your family?

Mom traveled with me when I first started modeling because I was on the road from such a young age and without it I would do it: "Oh, it's too hard" and "I'm so thoughtful" and stopped.

But my father (Peter Fowler) is a pro golfer and is known as the hardest worker on the tour. He really has taught me to be determined and to continue to push and maintain training and do everything you can to be where you want and not give up.

My sister has always been … you know, I always looked at her. It has the best style for everyone. I always wanted to be smart like her, to be as brilliant as she, to dress like her, so great a mind and my sister.

Have you ever tried to play golf with your dad?

Yeah, I had a few lessons from him since I came back because he also came back from the tour. Yes. It's actually quite excited. Because I watch golf a lot, I guess I know how to look. A few frustrating times – it's a frustrating game – but I love driving a rocket.

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