Tuesday , May 30 2023

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When embarrassed Interior Minister Malusi Gigab resigned on Tuesday, President Ciril Ramaphos's strategy allows the courts and oversight institutions to dictate the speed of his cleansing of the government.

Gigaba resigned the letter the day before Ramaphosa fired him in line with an order issued by Public Enemy Busisive Mkhvebane for fake gigabyte lies under a court ruling over the private Oppenheimers Fireblade terminal.

A similar approach was successful in working with other officials involved in the arrest of the state, including former head of the South African Revenue Service Tom Moiane and State Prosecutor Nomgcobo Jib and Lavrence Mrvebi officials, all of whom have been "processed" by courts or public the hearing before Ramaphos was against them.

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Members of Ramaphos at the ANC this week welcomed this step, saying that the approach to allowing public, political and legal pressure to build before action was effective.

"This is wise. Ramaphosa uses others, the opposition and the state structures to clean his house," said a member of the Provincial Executive Committee of the KwaZulu-Natal Province (PEC) who participated in the Ramaphos presidential campaign.

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