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RENEWED: Sons Commit to Keep Sequor Gveshee's Legacy On Life

The Herald

Kundai Marunia Arts Correspondent
The sons of Mubar music, maestro Sekuru Gvesha (real name David Tafanei Gveshe), promised to keep his legacy alive.

Sekuru Gveshe lost a three-month battle with prostate cancer on Sunday afternoon in his Dziasaresekwa home.

He survived three women and 23 children.

The sons of Sekur Gveshe, Solomon (43) and Norodon (26), were presented to the music industry at an early age.

Although Solomon was resting from music, his younger brother, Norodon, was actively working as part of his father's Bottomless Band. They both promised to work together, and Solomon assumed the death of his father as a wake-up call to return to his musical career. Norodon, who borrowed from his father's proposal, taught traditional music and dance in schools, said he would imitate his father.

"For the first time I met music at age six, I taught different instruments, including marimba, mbira, drums and guitars.

"For years I have worked with my father, learning from him. Over the years, I started together my band Kutandara Musical Souls with which I recorded my album "Pamafungiro" published in April, "he said.

Norodon also appealed for financial help to bury his father.

"As big as an artist, he did not have a funeral policy, so at the moment we are trying to mobilize resources, so we can give him the honorable sending he deserves," he said.

Sungura artiste, Somandla Ndebele, who lives in the neighborhood of Sekur Gweshe, described the late musician as a gentle soul.

"I met Sekur Gveshee from my childhood. I grew up listening to his music, until I joined the industry, but I never even had a fight with him, nor did I hear that he was arguing with another musician.

"This year has taken us a lot from us as an art industry; first Tuku, then Charles Mungoshi, Tedious Matsito, and now we lost another hero who exported our culture, "said Ndebele.

Born in 1940, Sekuru Gveshe first fell in love with traditional music at age 14.

He recorded his debut album "Mhuri IekvaGveshe" in the late seventies with Felix Mabhen. The success of the album was that he released hit singles, including "Nehorek" and "Bhurugva Renzungu" and "Zevezeve Rina Vatete", recorded with the help of the late Jordan Chataika.

In 1977, Sekuru Gvesha founded the dance group Boterek, through which he trained seven generations of dancers, touring countries such as Germany, Australia, Mexico, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Malaysia and the UK.

The mourners were assembled in house number 738 / Street Derere Dzivaresekva 2.

It is expected that Sekuru Gweshe will rest at his village house in Chiveshe.

The benefactors can donate to the funeral via Ecocash number 0779341590 (Fungai Tauzeni).

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