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Teachers told the girlfriend not to talk about a sexual assault in AB Xumi, the court heard


Representatives of the Meditation Clinic at the Palm Ridge Court Court support children allegedly sexually assaulted by the pathologist for elementary school AB Xumay. Image: Lindi Masinga / ANA

Johannesburg – A girl, allegedly raped by a scientific patrol at AB Ksum Elementary School, told the High Court in the Palm Ridge Court on Wednesday that her teachers told her not to tell her mother what had happened.

The girl who was in second row at the time of the rape in 2017, allegedly by Johannes Molefa, said she did not tell her the teacher what happened to her when all the children were attacked, because her mother told her that if something happened to her tell her first.

"I told my mother that there was something in school that they said we should not tell you." I asked her to not tell anyone. I told her we were walking with mkhulu (the name that children are called Molefe) because he said he would buy us sweets and then he would lift my skirt and open my socks and pants and put my finger on it. "

She said Molefe said she wanted the kids to come to his house so they could spoil them and make dinner.

The girl said that her friends did not see what Molefe did to her. The girl demonstrated in the courtroom on which she stood when Molefe attacked her.

Molefe was asked to sit in a public gallery and a juvenile was asked to point him out. She pointed to him and described what she was wearing.

She said after the incident that Molefe went to buy them from sweets.

"It touched me for the first time," said the girl.

"He never did that again after that day."

The girl said that she told her mother what Molef had done to her, because the school told them not to tell anyone what happened, because the letters would be sent to their parents.

She told the court that she could not remember the exact date when the incident occurred, but that was before her birthday in September.

Previously, State Attorney Jackie Stein read allegations against Molefe, which involved the rape of three children and the sexual abuse of 11 children. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The defense said they had confirmed a plea of ​​guilty pleading, but there were objections to which Molefe was willing to admit.

Through his legal representative, Molefe admitted that the findings of registered nurses who were questioned by seven sexually assaulted girls and girls who found that the rape was correct.

Stein said the state had filed a request for children to testify in a closed courtroom with mediators because they had between six and 14 years.

Continuation of the trial.

African News Agency (ANA)

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