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Telkom is accused of postponing portability of the number

Telkom collapses to implement the transfer of numbers for telephone numbers using call centers to the detriment of competition, the Association of Internet Service Providers (ISPA) said on Monday.

President of the Graham Beneke Association said that it is still not possible to transfer "non-geographic" numbers with prefixes such as 0800 and 0860 as Telkom "continues to delay" the implementation.

South Africa launched portability in 2006 with the ability of mobile users to transfer their phone numbers between mobile networks. According to Ispi, more than eight million people carried their number between the networks. Over a million geographic numbers were transmitted.

"When it comes to the introduction of non-geographic portability of the number, Telkom unfortunately returned to his" bad old days, "Beneke said in a statement.

"During recent public debates on the portability of non-geographic numbers, Telcom's industry colleagues and others have had long-lasting explanations from the former monopoly of why they can not quickly introduce non-geographic portability of the number. We can all know that.

Ispa said Telkom was "trying to complicate the problem because the operator would lose competition if large corporations and contact centers that the primary users of the prefix 0860, 0861, 0862, and 087 were able to transfer the networks while retaining those numbers."

"Bolan palac"

"No call center that has significantly invested in its main input phone number will shift network operators without the ability to keep that number so strongly linked to their brand," Beneke said.

"The South African telecommunications industry must be able to transfer all numbers. This is the ultimate problem with the portability of numbers that appears as a sick thumb because one operator suffers from inevitable. "

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