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The 17-year-old Sudan's most expensive bride has finally taken over the business tycoon. "In Nigeria


Nialong Ngong Deng, A 17-year-old southern Sudanese untouched girl from Averiala in the former state of the lake, whose beauty attracted more than six participants, is finally on the shelf.

Nialong has replaced vows with a tycoon Kok Tool in a colorful wedding ceremony at Hall Freedom in Juba on Friday, November 9th, thus ending a long extraordinary journey in search of an appropriate participant.

Nialong Ngong Deng

She sat a tension next to her new husband, visibly lost thinking during the bridal ceremony. She read the pain and family treasures written all over her face, and yet it is easy to conclude that she was out of place.

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Before marriage, the teenage family offered her a marriage for a marriage, a two-day event that attracted prominent figures into an epic competition.

Another five men who had expressed interest in marrying Nialong in line with Dinka culture after failing to match their 520 toes, the three Toiota V8 cars and KSh 1m (N3.5m) won the marriages to win the heart of beauty.

Among the contestants was former Commissioner Averial and current deputy governor of the state of eastern lakes, among others who are in the youngest independent state of Africa.

In Dinka's culture, every person who wants to marry must convince the girl's family, he has the desired qualities that include the ability to take care of his daughter.

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From there, competitors are carefully "audited" before they let them fight in a long search for a happy zeal that can fulfill the conditions of peace.

Women's lawyers from South Sudan called on the government to investigate a bizarre incident and take measures against those involved in the auction.

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