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This is the latest on the Jaguar Land Rover, while fears of a job continue


Production was continued this week at Jaguar Land Rover this week after a temporary stop.

About 4,000 DHL employees stationed at the Lode Lane plant in Solihull JLR returned on Monday (November 5th) after the UK automotive giant announced the freezing of production on October 22nd.

The JLR Logistics Logistics Agency staff protected their earnings during this period, following an agreement provided by Union Unite.

Before closing, the car manufacturer also discovered the workers at Castle Bromwich would be on a three-day Sunday until Christmas.

Last week, Jaguar Land Rover announced that sales fell 13.2 percent to 129,887 vehicles in the three months to September 30.

The company reported revenues of £ 5.6 billion and loss before tax of £ 90 million for a quarterly period.

Land Rover's Lode Lane factory
Land Rover's Lode Lane factory

BirminghamLive Company initially reported freezing of production based on letters sent to DHL personnel working in logistic operations at the Solihull plant.

The latest move came only three weeks after the staff at the Jaguar plant in Castle Bromwich was told that they would move to a three-day week.

The Solihull plant is the Land Rover's spiritual house, where 4K4 vehicles have been built since 1948.

The vehicles that are currently manufactured are Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Land Rover Discoveri and Jaguar F-Pace.

A spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover said the closure of Castle Bromwich had been scheduled for some time.

The vehicles are checked before moving to the next stage of production at the Jaguar Land Rover, Solihull
The vehicles are checked before moving to the next stage of production at the Jaguar Land Rover, Solihull

"We are closed, but this is a scheduled stop on the calendar in the last 12 months," the spokesman said.

"We were closed for a school half-year break and we had exactly the same resignation this time last year."

And only yesterday, Jaguar Land Rover dismissed allegations of the early closing of Christmas production – insisting that the "strong rumors" circulating among the employees at one of the largest suppliers were fake.

The notice was sent to staff at Unipart, the company that manufactures buffers within the JLR distribution center.

Unipart is one of the leading leading companies in Europe and employs about 500 people in the area of ​​Coventry.

A missed document signed by General Director of Uniform Dave Pound states: "There are strong rumors that JLR Solihull will close early for the Christmas holiday, which will have a significant impact on the amount of production that is completely beyond our control.

"We have no choice in this challenging financial year, but to take drastic action to alleviate some of these impacts."

Since November 6, the Uniparta management has "planned Solihull to finish production for two more weeks on December 7th" with Unipara employees who were due to return to work on January 2, 2019.

The missed document has since been distributed among DHL and JLR workers both in Solihull and in Castle Brovmich through VhatsApp.

An anonymous DHL employee, who delivers parts on the Lode Lane track, told BirminghamLive: "He went to JLR Solihull.

"There were strong rumors before the last session became another Christmas from December 7 to January 7, he added.

"It's still a hot topic. There's usually no smoke without fire.

"Everyone is worried about their lives and do not have money at the cost of the year, especially for workers with young families.

"Nobody gives us any information and what we hear from the trade union confronts what we hear from the leadership."

You can watch the video explaining the previous two-week freezing production in the JLR below

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Unipart later clarified its arrangements in December, and the bosses confirmed that they simply "plan ahead for each case".

A spokeswoman for Uniparta said: "We are informed [Jaguar Land Rover] that in December there will be no early closure and that there is no need for a plan that we have shared with our teams.

"However, forward planning is essential for today's production operations in order to manage the rapid changes that can occur.

"We have always made it clear to our employees to work together with our employees 'forum to plan for potential changes in our customers' product lines.

"Employee engagement in planning flexibility and resilience in our business becomes more and more important in times of uncertainty.

"We will continue to openly and sincerely work with our colleagues to manage these situations, while at the same time protecting our people's long-term employment."

BirminghamLive spoke in detail with JLR, and the luxury car called the allegations of a month-long closure from speculation and voting on December 7th.

The spokesman added: "Nothing has been agreed or discussed."

Jaguar Land Rover workers should break on December 21 and return to work on January 2.

Unite spokesman said: "These are uncertain weather conditions for car workers, not only in the JLR, but also in the industry, which is further disturbed by the confused approach of the Diesel Authority and the poor handling of Brekit.

"Unite continues to put pressure on the JLR on the commitment to future models to be built here in the UK to ensure that the car manufacturer remains the center of West Midlands economy and the source of decent, well paid jobs.

"The government must play its role.

"JLR workers are world beaters and have worked hard to end the car's production in the last decade.

"The government must help secure its future by obtaining a Brekit-based agreement that ensures trade without tariffs without tariffs with Europe.

"At the same time, ministers have to repair the damage done over diesel, supporting a" fair transition "to electric and alternative vehicles as part of an industrial strategy."

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