Saturday , June 3 2023

This Pokemon GO device has a secret auto-payroll upgrade


Today, Nintendo has discovered a super secret feature that has already been incorporated into the plugin for Pokemon GO and Pokemon's Let's GO! Poke Ball Plus is a piece of plastic with lights, a button and a tiny computer in the stomach that works when its button is pressed. The secret mode does this so that the user does not have to press the button to get a bonus that would come otherwise only if the key is pressed.

Users will discover that Pokemon is flying to Pikachu and Pokemon The flight of GO Evee game will only reveal magic. The user will have to have one of Pokemon's Years GO Games, and Nintendo Swatch and Poke Ball Plus. If a user transfers Pokemon from the Nintendo Switch game to his Poke Ball Plus, magic is released.

Once Pokemon is Pokeball or Poke Ball Plus, but still want to write it – the user will get a bonus in Pokemon GO, a mobile game. With connected games, the user will find bonuses that will fly all the way through the evolution of games – through the future. But for now, the bonus is focused on Poke Ball Plus.

Once Pokemon has been transferred to the Poke Ball Plus from the Nintendo Swatch game, the button should no longer be pressed. Before Pokemon is downloaded, the user must press the button when he approaches a poke in the real world. These Pokestops contain Pokeballs and Candi and what not – otherwise they would be activated by turning a finger on the smartphone. These Pokestopsi work with Poke Ball Plus and say Pokeball vibrates when you get closer – just by hitting the button is just such a hit in a game based on a smartphone.

Basically, Nintendo just activated the automatic launcher Pokestop in addition to the Poke Ball Plus. If this sounds familiar, it's because the hackers created a device called Go-tch for Pokemon GO in early 2017 that did the same thing. That, and the Pokemon GO Plus plugin is almost the same, but not quite!

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