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▷ Is there a reverse after the last Red Dead Redemption 2 update?

It seems that Rockstar Games has problems implementing the changes and offers the usual support that is implemented with updates to Red Dead Redemption 2. Much of it focuses on the multiplier experience, Red Dead Online, whose latest version did not seem to satisfy the community. By entering into dangerous dynamics, in which we have seen other studies such as Biovare, animosity toward a product can lead to game conspiracy theories. So Rockstar is accused of applying a serious decline in visual quality Red Dead Redemption 2 in an update v1.06.

The initiative is based on some users who have tried to contrast images from the same site before and after the update. As they comment in Twitters, which compares these two images, The cut would significantly affect the occlusion of the environment. A very important element for visualizing the environment that directly affects lighting.

Environmental occlusion is a set of aspects related to real-world lighting, based on the geometry of objects on the scene. For example, as certain, some light in certain angles, how others block and how they are viewed by the amount of light that reaches the object on its surface, are elements that give a real ending, derived from some of the effects of environmental occlusion. .

We tried to ratify this transition through these two images. To the left, an image in relation to v1.0, right, v1.06. We do not know what platform these images are, which could be an important detail for some.

But, it seems that the reality more than being able to attend a rating reduction, we see two images at different times of the day. The truth is that lighting influences differently, having less shadows in the case of Arthur's jacket from at 1.06. But this result seems to be motivated by a change in the origin of light source, not a downward reversal. The argument focuses on an attempt to show that the lower presence of shadows, which can be seen in more detail in items such as a counter or stairs, is a result of the backward. It's not the first time Red Dead Redemption 2 it is seen in the center of criticism, where the most famous case is the false HDR that was discovered when it saw the light.

These are aspects that, to be honest, look irrelevant to one of the best games of 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2 has by many merits become one of the best games of this generation. That Rockstar might have thought it was reversing to improve, for example, performance, is nothing more than the measure that a study must take to determine the priority of narrative and action experience that does not bother performance problems. If you want more information about this Red Dead Redemption 2, you can always look at our analysis.

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