Friday , May 7 2021

"A little less ordinary? …" Vanda Nara criticized sharply

Vanda Nara She is one of the most sensuous botany and she exists, and as she knows her great attraction, the goddess has decided to publish a photo that is very popular on social networks. However, although some praised her, she was also the victim of several unfortunate comments, which she prefers not to read.

The wife Mauro Icardi It's always in the storm. We do not know if controversy strives or wants to be on the lips of everyone, but the truth is that every picture she shares on her official Instagram account brings flooding criticism, with different opinions from the hatred.

This time, model he set up by tying his lace in his underwear and igniting the social network, and in the background he filled a full purse of exclusive collections that were his weakness. Although intent diva He woke the mice of his followers, he was too exposed, and destroyed the criticism.

Logically, what stole the view was all the pose that our beloved Vanda chose to take pictures, where he left his attributes and little room for imagination. Although the publication received more than 170 thousand "likes" for five hours, there were also those who upset and informed them

Some non-executives blamed the blonde again for excessive Photoshop, the other because he chose that sexual position as the mother of five children, others called him "ordinary" and "vulgar" to show themselves half naked in front of everyone. In short, many believe this publication is unpleasant, although she does not care what they say.

See comments:

karma_le_llaman Uhhh ? how tired this woman with five children and all the time shows anxiety makes something productive a child donates help to people in trouble since you got the twine of the world that descends

Too many filters! Natural sauces are more beautiful

Carladivalerio Loose with Photoshop …

Claudiasack. Do not be wrong

claudiasack It does not seem to me that the mother and wife represent this way

videlamaria A little less common ?? Can you?

mari.galarza.5015 How disgusting you are Vanda. Are not you ashamed to show it all?

farsante7 You were in vulgarity hahaha and yes

elenzum_helen21 Hahahahahaha, you can not … we know it's a photo photo

renovarspa This intelligent and deep message …

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