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A strange reason why China has deleted Vinnie the Pooh from the video game Kingdome Hearts 3 – 23/11/2013

As you can see in the past Xbox Fan Fest from Mexico, the Japanese company Skuare Enik has presented the world's new trailer of the expected worldwide Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring the Lovely Bear Bear Vinnie the Pooh and his friendly friends, confirming the return of Hundred acres of forest in the saga. Everything developed normally until the company published in China a new image of this particular world inspired by Disnei's icons.

As revealed in Reddit's social network, the Asian giant's government decided to censor Vini Pooh because she was accustomed to laugh at the Chinese President Xi Jinping because of the assumed similarity.

This situation between Vinnie The Pooh and Xi Jinping began in 2013 on the way to the United States. The photo of the president who walked with former President Barack Obama has become popular meme. The same thing happened next year, but this time along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abeo.

From that moment on and to control escalation in networks, the authorities of the Asian giant decided to ban the famous Disnei figure as a whole.

In the case of Royal Heart 3, Vinnie has been replaced by some cloud to avoid damage to the image of the president, mainly through well-known memories. It is currently unclear whether this unusual measure will be applied to the game when it is released in China, although it all indicates that this will be the case.

Other exciting events were a live action starring British actor Evan McGregor and comedian John Oliver, who mocked Ksi's sensibility for comparing him with a character on HBO.

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