Friday , August 19 2022

A striking conversation between Natach and his friend DailiShov


After death Natacha Jaitthis friend Oscar "Lalo" Lorca communicated with Ulisses to tell him that a few days before his death he noticed that she was strange.

In addition, he discovered that the media had spoken Guillermo RigoniThe owner of the Ksanadu room where she was found without life, who in her statements said she had met the model the same day and had no previous contact.

In "In the morning" They showed the sounds the young man sent to Ulisses: "That day I asked him how many times, I told him that I was strange because he answered me about three in the afternoon and he did not answer me as usual, so it seemed to me weird, I do not know what he thought that day, said a young man from Mendoza, who had an affair with the media.

"The previous night he sent me the pictures of the room and video and told me that he talked to the owner for about an hour, and then I told him that I noticed that it was weird because he greeted me differently and late, about four in the afternoon, Lorca continued.

Then he said that Natacha told him: "I'm not weird, I feel weird, but these are things in my head that I hope there will be nothing, quiet."

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