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Aerolineas Argentinas: War nerves before night on Monday – 23.11.2013

Nervous War is an integral part of a dispute between Aerolineas Argentinas and Aeronautical Associations. The same alliances that call for strikes today They demand that somebody go to the brakes: about the airline, or at least someone from the government. Through communiques when they demand that the government dictate compulsory reconciliation. "The Company does not require compulsory reconciliation nor the Ministry of Production and Labor," the trade unions said in a tone of shame.

The Airlines response delayed for several hours: at noon, instead of seeking reconciliation, the company announced that it suspended all flights this Monday. He also called on the guilds: "They did not define how long the strike will be."

At the Aircraft Pilots Association (APLA) they realize that Airlines President Luis Malvido, He deliberately tried to explode every possibility of dialogue to impose a standstill and present the situation to public opinion. "They made us stop this suspense, do not doubt. If they do not want to push it, they would not send us telegrams of suspension, nor would they pay the increase they paid in the middle of a joint discussion," they argue.

But within Airlines they believe that there is no double intention in a decision not to seek reconciliation. "We are in a situation of real collapse: the peso is devalued, the fuel has increased, the price of the price has fallen due to the price war, and we had to ask for an additional 100 million dollars from the government that brought a zero deficit. It seems that the guilds do not finish understanding what is happening "said company spokeswomen.

In this game of victimization of the two sides, doubts are also implicated in what is being cooked in another trench. "If Airlines relies on the theory that "What's worse"No one can exclude that they want to escalate the conflict, as an overview of the election campaign. But, watch out, Pablo Biro is not (Roberto) Baradel. It will not be so easy to connect with Kirchnerism, "APLA spokeswoman adds.

Strictly, of the five federations of those who call for a strike this Monday, the only one identified with Kirchnerism is the Air Force Association (APA), which groups staff. His owner, Edgardo Llano, integrates Hugo Iaski CTA and plays politically for Cristina Kirchner. Another of his allies, Ricardo Cirielli, was an employee of Nestor Kirchner, but later condemned his former chief Richard de Jaime and the La Campora policy at Aerolineas. His last public alliance was with Blue and Vhite CGT Luis Barrionuevo, but Cirielli also had a personal visit with Hugo Moiano, as he was one of the first to support the truck driver when he broke the official CGT (the first time). the nineties.

Pablo Biro, from APLA, was following Moiano in the Lujan port in October. Rubén Fernandez (UPSA) also supports Moiano, as well as the only of the six covenants that did not call for a strike on Monday: Asociacion Argentina de Aeronavegantes (AAA), whose owner Juan Pablo Brei works with Facundo Moiano and integrates the "small table" of the Argentine Confederation Traffic (CATT), which demanded its strike for this Tuesday: in this case, in protest at the G20 meeting.

It is true that Airlines does not show exactly the enthusiasm about the idea of ​​a conflict, once again, with guilds. They say they were forced to hurt because they lost money. "Malvido did not come to negotiate with a dog's face, simply had to assume just devaluation. Every president of Airlines would like to be like Isela Costantini, who was the president when there were funds to increase. Now these funds are over. "

But, too, they slip, with little irony. "Perhaps in the trade unions they demanded compulsory reconciliation, more in view of their internal situation, in this business it is very easy to stop the company, but the other thing is to have a good level of adhesion."

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