Tuesday , January 31 2023

Aguad declares Curreo | Prosecutor Pollicit …


The investigation quotation on the edge of the court fair complicates the government of Mauricio Macri for the Correo Argentino scandal. Federal prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita confirmed a statement by former Communications Minister and current Defense Minister Oscar Aguad to confirm the agreement that he tried to forgive the debt owed by the state to the company owned by the Macri family for more than 70 million pesos.

This measure is part of the criminal proceedings launched by Judge Ariel Lijo for the alleged fraudulent administration over the government's support for an agreement agreed in February 2017, but failed to meet prosecutor Gabriele Bokuin's appeal.

Aguad is part of the reason he was in the (former) Ministry of Communications where he tried to cancel a million debt. Also mentioned are Juan Manuel Mocora, former Legal Affairs Officer of the Ministry of Communications, President Correo Jaime Robirosa and Leonardo Kleidermacher, Legal Advisor. President Mauricio Macri is also credited, but he is the only one who has not received a call to call.

Pollicita emphasized in the court presentation that there are sufficient elements to conclude that by concluding the agreement "they misused public administration in the interest of Correo Argentino SA", Macri Group.

The prosecutor pointed out that there are elements that complicate the people involved and "allow you to attribute participation in the maneuver". In particular, referring to Aguada, he emphasized that the official "did not act with the loyalty and diligence of a good businessman" and ultimately forced the public administration "to accept the abuse of withdrawal of its loans in the interest of using the involved company and for which it counted on the necessary contribution of its spouses cause ".

"In fact, the elements of the collected evidence reflect that the conditions agreed for the cancellation of a loan that the national state has confirmed in the mentioned competition did not in any way crystallize the effort of prolonged waiting, nor were they even close to the national state holding a reasonable payment agreement," he said. he wrote in a 59-page letter.

For Policitt, Aguad "gave instructions (…) on the basis of which an agreement was reached in that process," which was again defined as "a maneuver that is considered harmful to the interests of the state". "In essence, the agreement agreed by the indictee showed that he was abusive and harmful to the nation state, was conducted by negotiations that began outside the bankruptcy procedure and had his sole aim to privilege claims for payment of Correo Argentino SA", he has ratified the fiscal one.

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