Friday , January 27 2023

Alfaro sent a farewell letter to fans of hurricane and only needs to sign up to be the new coach of Boka


Technical Director of Hurricane, Gustavo Alfaro, they formally excused themselves from the players, the leaders and the fans through the letters and confirmed this It will be the replacement of Guillermo Barroso Schelotta on the coast of Boka.

The defeat from the Copa Libertadores final in Copa del Rey accelerated the exit of Mellizo and so far guessed with a short list of possible coaches: Jose Pekerman, Ricardo Gareca and Gustavo Alfaro. However, the first two decided to publicly reject the appropriate offers.

The former DT Kuemero started his letter by clarifying it it was a "very complex decision" both from the personal and from the sports point of view, and it acknowledged that the reasons "will not be easily acceptable" for fans.

"Already at this stage of closing my career I was invited to a sports project for which I want to pass", alluded to at the invitation of the President of the Danish Catholic Daniel Angelica.

However, he acknowledged there would be people who would "be hurt, disappointed, or perhaps disappointed." In return, He apologized but did not "understand" it.

"I know that Maybe the next time we cross the voices, these are insults"I will put a breastplate on my heart, as we often do trainers to protect us, but I know they will hurt me," he said.

The letter is posted on the social networks of the club and fans' comments leave no doubt: Wrath will be felt when you face your old team.

"Thank you Hurricane, I say good bye," Alfaro concluded.

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