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An alternative to the river, if Marcelo Gallardo plays against Boka with two points

Marcelo Gallardo could surprise Rodrigo Mora among the carriers Source: LA NACION – Credit: Diego Lima

These are the moments of continuous analysis for

Marcelo Gallardo.

Permanent thoughts and ideas in the head. A sketch in his folder and his assistant Matijas Bisky. From leaves and leaves filled with ink with sketches of what

A river

will present tomorrow in Monumental. Because again tireless elements break the plans, and DT, which seems to have memory formation, must now approach its genius.

If in the first game the main question was who would play instead of the injured Leonard Ponzi, there is not one question to return to Monumental, but a few. Who comes out to get Ponzio? Who will replace Santos Borrea? Will Martinez Kuart follow the line of five defenders? Which scheme will you use? But, of course, a great obstacle to overcoming is how to rearrange an attack against Ignacio Scocco's muscle injuries in the right body that left him out of the finals.

In addition to the fact that ekNevell did not start, the suspension of the Colombian striker with three yellows left him in the middle of the scene due to a natural substitute, as he was the best scorer of the year with 13 celebrations and for good performance against Bottle: he scored goals in the Argentine Super Cup in Mendoza and in the last superclasico in Superliga.

So, to this day, it is most probable that Gallardo opts for five leaflets (Nacho Fernandez or Quintero can enter) in the 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-2-1 system, with

Lucas Pratto

as the only one ahead. Although the continuity of 5-3-2 in La Boca was not ruled out (Piti Martinez will go forward) or the presence of Uruguay

Rodrigo Mora

as a starter, along with Juvenile Julian Alvarez there will be other options for the Reka attack to be defined.

Must pass through a gift with more doubts than security. His performances in the second half of the year was not good and was in contrast to what was a great start in 2018, when he returned to play after almost nine months of inactivity due to the "true hip couch" performed in June 2017 due to aseptic necrosis in the head femur, the product of a heart attack in the bone due to a lack of blood flow.

His last match was on May 14th in 3-1 against


in the Bombonera for the local tournament and his official return was on January 28 in a 1-0 defeat to Hurricane by Superleague, after spending three months on the crutches and performing successive works of kinesiology and gym. Despite everything – until false rumors of alleged retirement appear – Uruguay returned with more power than never entered into titular equipment with good yields.

In February he scored two of four goals that he accumulated in his 28 games of the year (Godoi Cruz at 2-2 from Superliga and Flamengo in 2-2 of the debut

Cup Libertadores

), his level enabled him to become a starter in three of the first four continental tournament matches, and even follow Pratto in Supercopa.

Rodrigo Mora went into Gallard's review after falling at their level and, at the same time, because Scocco and Bora were reinforced with goals, so Uruguay was the last to be considered. Thus, the striker who had several games in the year with 28: Pratto has 39 (35 starts and 10 goals), Scocco has 35 (21 starts and 13 goals), and Borre has 33 (15 starts and 8 goals). It must come from a 1-0 start to defeat Colon and a 1-0 victory against Aldosivi, the last two Superleague matches, although both have been replaced.

Today, the Uruguayan attacker who arrived in Nunez in 2012 wants revenge: the definition is lost. Tigers in Monumental de la Libertadores 2015 for tear in the right spine.

Perhaps Julian Alvarez sits on a replacement bench, which he already did in La Bombonera: this is his first international experience as a professional footballer. He is only 96 minutes in the first Division, split between 26 which he played in a 1-0 victory against Aldosivi (entered Mora) on October 27 and 70 that added 1-0 defeat to Estudiantes (he entered injured Scocco).

The 18-year-old was born in Kalchin, a small town in Cordoba, 110 kilometers from the capital, and has about 3,000 inhabitants. And in 11 years he had a lot of experience when he tried Real Madrid for a month. But the club could only sign him when he was 13, so he preferred not to leave his family and return to his hometown. He continued to play football, had tests in Boca, and lived for a long time in retirement of Argentinos Juniors, but left because he always had to leave his loved ones.

By the end of 2015 he was in the river and started his journey. He began in the seventh division in 2016, which he played in sixth place and reserves, and in 2018 he filled several dreams: he sparring on the selection at the World Championship of Russia, signed the contract until June 2021 with River (he has a clause of 15 million euros), began to train with the first, scored a goal in a friendly match against Talleres (3-1 defeat) in September and made a professional debut.

Gallardo has two substitution options or a Pratto company in case he wants to maintain a two-striker scheme: an experienced Mora and an initial professional footballer like Alvarez. Only in his head (and perhaps in Bisky, which will replace him as DT because of the suspension) is the choice.

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