Sunday , January 29 2023

Another piece of cake: during the tournament, AFA modified promotions of Metropolitan B in National B


In a new depiction of chaos, confusion, clutter and poor governance, AFA decided to increase promotions from the First B Metropolitan to the National B for the restructuring of the tournament, but in the full conflict of the championship.

There will now be five teams that will climb to the top category of promotion, as there will be the first four table positions and one-fifth that will leave Reduced to challenge the equipment that ends between the fifth and the eighth.

The AFA Executive Board through the Assembly approved the restructuring of the National B, which from mid-2019 will have a total of 32 participants, divided into two areas of 16 teams.

Although the AFA is originally planned to split the teams into two zones – Interior and Metropolitan, it will not be the same, because there will be a choice of members of each group so that all clubs are in the highest equality. possible in terms of travel costs.

Those who disagreed with this restructuring were clubs in the interior, because there will be five B subway stations and only two from Federal A.

Currently, National B has 25 teams. At the end of the season (in the second half of the year), two will be promoted to the Super League and the same amount will fall (one directly and the other indirectly linked to AFA), so there will be 21. You must add four falling from the First and Seven that go up .

Today, with this restructuring, they would move from the B Metro Students of Buenos Aires, the Barracas central (AFA presidential team, Chikui Tapia), Atlanta and Acassuso, and Reduced would go to Riestra, All Bois, Tristan Suarez and Almirante Brovn.

What has not yet been defined by the Executive Board is what will happen to First C and D. Currently, C has 20 participants; while D, with 15.

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