Wednesday , May 25 2022

BCRA bought $ 50 million again, but the dollar stays below the floor of the zone


The wholesale currency is almost stable at $ 37,505, while the ticket is sold in banks and exchange offices only one cent at $ 38.52, according to the average

In the informal market, in turn blue drops 25 cents to $ 38.50According to a study of this media in caves in the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, contad con likui fell 15 cents to $ 37.63 on Tuesday.

This is happening after yesterday's vault that managed to restore 100% Letes which has expired, is a key fact accompanying the market.

It is important to remember that due to the surplus of the offer, generated by the entry of foreign currency for investments into the pennies, the wholesale wholesale bill fell by 17 cents on Tuesday, to $ 37.53 and pierced the lower branch of the gang that was not intervening, set up for that day to $ 37,645 . At the same time, the note dropped by 20 cents.

It happened afterwards Central Bank intervened in the wholesale segment by purchasing $ 50 million through tenders. The average purchase price was $ 37,597, and the maximum price was $ 37.61. In total, the monetary authority has bought US $ 240 million since last week.

During driving, Central Auction is additionally Likuiditi (& quot; Lelik & quot;) Lirics for $ 198.284 million with an average annual low rate of 56.9% to seven days. They added that the maximum allocated rate was 57.2398% and the minimum 56.252%.

Operator Fernando Izzo stressed that "this level of rates, options options and the current value of the dollar in the non-intervention zone indicate that the financial operations will prevail and will give BCRA margin to continue lowering the interest rate in the pesos".

Finally, Reserves of the Central Bank $ 68 million increased this Tuesday to $ 66,486 million.

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