Friday , May 7 2021

Belgrano lost to Atletico Tucuman in Alberdi for the Superleague

Belgrano lost to Independiente and had to add three more to climb to the average, but … he fell 3-1 with Atletico Tucuman after date 13 Superlige.

Leonardo Sekueira, penalty, he scored 1-0 for Belgrano by 12th PT. He tied it Bruno Bianchi, at 32. And he turned Leandro Diaz on 12 of ST. And at 37, Luis Miguel Rodriguez gets an excellent score of 3-1.

Team of Ricardo Zielinski, former coach of Belgrano, dominated the football in Giant Alberdi. In the previous, the Russian was honored. His team was second on the table.

With this result, Belgrano has 11 points in the 13th Super League date and continues in the zone of direct relegation in the average table (see the table below).

What happened in the match

At Alberdi started a full match, Belgrano tried to impose right at the speed of Sekueira and shifted a few clear chances to defeat the match in their favor.
Atletico Tucuman did not find a move and retreated without an order.

Santiago Sekueira made a bad decision at nine and put a shootout near the mail that Luchetti shifted and a few minutes later, Lugo played for Suarez that is related to the area and reached the penalty Sekueira led to a goal.

But "B" remained, inaccuracies became more alarming than usual and the ball was owned by the visitor. "Dean" came with what he has and managed the game from the middle of the mountain.

When they were 31 years old, the center on the right hand fell to the distance, and returned to the middle, and Bianchi, in an alarming loneliness, started to score in the first experienced visiting round.

With 1 to 1, local pressure tried to appear, but its limitations insist on the surface.

In the second half, the drawbacks of the Belgians have fully appeared and Atletico has used them. First outdoors on the board, then close the game, continue to grow on the table and show that when you know what you are playing, you can win on any ground.

People from the rataos have asked for a little more "factor H", but in reality what the team does not have, it is played because it does not find return to the games, although it was on the board, he did not know how to keep it first and return after the match.

Submerged in the zone of direct origin, Pirate is at its worst sporting moment since his return to the first of 2011, as it seems that the start will not be easy, and the tournaments gave him all kinds of facilities for which he did not know how to take advantage.

"B" was the shadow of the team, which gave priority and that his opponent knew how to capitalize. Without resolution in attack and with the advantages in the middle and back, the picture is no less complicated.


Belgrano: Cesar Rigamonti; Tomas Guidara, Hernan Menosse, Matias Nani and Sebastian Luna; Makimiliano Lugo, Federico Lertora, Juan Brunetta and Gabriel Alanis; Leonardo Sekueira and Matias Suarez. DT: Diego Osela.

Atletico Tucuman: Christian Lucchetti; Jose San Roman, Bruno Bianchi, Jonathan Cabral and Mathias Abero; Guillermo Acosta, Neri Leies, David Barbona and Ricardo Noir; Javier Toledo and Leandro Diaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Objectives: PT, 12m. Sekueira (B). ST, 31m Bianchi (AT). ST, 12m Leandro Diaz (AT), 37m Luis Miguel Rodriguez (AT).

Changes: ST, 13m Adrian Balboa Brunetta (B); 18m Juan Mercier Barbone (AT); 21m Jonas Aguirre would be Luna (B); 23m Luis Miguel Rodriguez for Toledo (AT); 34m Fabricio Brener would be Sekueira (B).

Admonished: Guidara (B); Aliendro and Abero (AT).

Referee: Mauro Vigliano. The court: Belgrano.


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