Tuesday , May 30 2023

Black Friday: 5 things you need to know


It's just October, but that did not stop me from starting to carb all emotions Black Friday or Black Friday – as it is known by Friday, November 23rd.

For those who do not know, Black Friday is what is called the day after Thanksgiving, and that is the holiday that officially begins the holiday shopping season. Here are some tips to avoid false offers and know how to make the most of:

1. Every day is black Friday

This basically means that you can buy a Bluetooth speaker for US $ 10 every day, a Samsung Gear Fit 2 smartphone that has been repaired for US $ 70, a HP Specter k2 laptop for less than US $ 400 or a gesture control gig for US $ 24 .

Of course, Black Friday collects much more bids, but the bids themselves do not go beyond what we share today in this column. And if they do it, it's often just a few dollars. In short: do not let yourself get caught in black mud. If there is something you want to buy and you see on sale much before Black Friday, buy it.

If you miss a good deal in Black Friday, do not worry: the opportunities are good, you'll see it again for a short time.

2. Do your homework

Suppose you are looking for a new TV. You heard that Black Friday routinely brings good offers on TVs, which is true. So, when the big day comes, how do you decide if it's worth standing in line outside the big store in 4 hours?

Do your homework The great place to start is Camelcamelcamel's location history price, which displays historical heights and crashes for almost every Amazon product sold. Also look at Slickdeals Price Tracker, which provides a basic price history for several dozen stores; Just paste the product URL.

The more you know about the price history of any product, the better preparation you will be in black Friday. Keep in mind that these stories do not always include updated articles, often often become even better deals.

3. Do not discard refurbished products

Black Friday is almost always about new products. Not necessarily new on the market, but in a new state. And it tends to divert buyers from potentially better offers in the form of refurbished or revamped items.

Apple products are a great example. Black Friday is often the only day of the year when Apple discounts Macs, iPads and the like, although you'll often see good deals from Best Bui and Valmart. But even those bids do not usually match what you can get in Apple's refurbished products.

I'm not saying that you should always choose to be updated above the new one, just do not overlook the restored products in your search.

4. Look for & # 39; filtered & # 39; ads from stores

One of the reasons why I do not like black Friday is that it's no longer fun. In recent years, almost all stores (online and retail) have pre-filtered their Black Friday ads, sometimes even weeks ago. For a hunter in the market, this is a really good thing, because it helps you plan ahead. But that also means that on November 24 there will be no surprises.

When you're ready to explore all these ads, go to sites like Bfads.net and Blackfridai.com. Just make sure you do not get into places like "Black November" from Nevegg, which is nothing but a list of daily / weekly bids. The same applies to the one-day offer of the Samski Club, scheduled for 12 November. It's too faraway.

5. Do not forget the cash application

Pssst: There is a way to save more money in black Friday (even on Ciber Monday and every day of shopping in the year). Use the service cache. Services of services cache they compensate you for the percentage of the final purchase price.

BeFrugal, Dosh, Ebates, Honei and TopCashback are some of the services that will offer you more discounts in most, but in most stores (most are digital stores, but also works in some physical stores). There is, in particular, a good choice and Ebates application for shopping in physical stores.

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