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Black Gold Fever: Anela, the city of Neukuen who suffers from the pain of growth of Vaca Muerta


In 2013, the city of Anelo, in Neukuen, had only 2.500 inhabitants Five years later it has almost 8,000. The company, a chain of supermarkets, has become barely 100 hotel beds 1.500. Now people lock their houses and tie their bikes to the door of the shops. Every time you see more people sleeping in their cars on the street and you do not know all the neighbors.

Between 1848 and 1960 in California, the United States, a call "golden haste" this caused rapid and mass migration to rustic areas, forgotten, but which promised wealth underground. You just had to find her. The discovery marked the popular nineteenth century culture and led many to leave their homes in search of the occasion. Interestingly, there were several miners rich, but suppliers and other traders who were around him would find wealth.

The world no longer manages gold. Today, oil indicates rhythm and oil megaiacimiento Dead cow, in Neuken, one of the world's largest energy wealth mines, the discovery is capable of modifying the DNA of the entire city. When the Argentine government confirmed its findings in 2011, the US State Department marked it as the second largest city with the largest gas resources on the planet. Soon companies and investors arrived. Anelo strives for exponential growth. But it has its price.

"I always say that two thirds of the population is new to Anelo", recognized in the dialogue Infobae Mayor Dario Diaz, that since 2011 he has been the head of the city, which is in general a video transformation. His life has also changed. In 2014 he admitted that he also went to visit a mother who lived several blocks from her home because she had to go on airplanes in the United States and visit oil towns for which she did not know. Today, his leadership in the municipality focuses to a great extent solve the problems of continuous growth.

"Growing brings problems with us, the bigger we are, the more problems we will have", Diaz, 41, assumed that if he had to summarize what are the main conflicts facing the present-day municipality, I would say that "market and housing". Among other things the chain of supermarkets The Anonymous He arrived last year in Anela and had a strong impact on local supermarkets and grocery stores, who competed against the giant with more than 260 branches across the country.

"In the beginning local trade suffered, but the strategy was to regulate it, we did not see that they closed the shops or the rest, but they balanced prices, It's a market issue that will be adapted"Diaz optimistically responded to tensions with other city affairs. real estate tenants and property has become impossible to face with all those who do not have oil salaries.

Cecilia She has been living in Anela for 13 years and has been living with her husband for 10 years. Grocery Fran, is located at Calle 1, in the area of ​​low houses and dirty roads, as well as most city blocks. A woman describes a reality that is far from promising about the prosperity read in the papers and hundreds of people are looking for a job search job: "It's sponsored by the media, but what's happening is not really what's being sold. Many people out there and What we see is that instead of growth, we are increasingly affected"

"We lack infrastructure, we miss our services, I miss a lot of things", Cecilia listed. And it is that Anelo, not just companies, but more and more people who need to work, come from different parts of the country, only men and women, as a couple, with their families, are seeking a place in any corner of the country. org charts of oil companies, as administrators or managers, no matter how they give them a place in a successful industry. Another option is to use one of the new rooms that open their doors or old ones, to which demand requires them to take staff. But there's no place for everything.

"We had families who lived two months above the car and in extreme cases, we had to pay families so that they could return to their place of origin, "Mayor Diaz acknowledged, consulted on the potential of potential workers who come in and are facing, among other things, a housing problem. They can not afford the expenses of the department, the room and much less home. "It is impossible for the same municipality to rent a place for a family at risk, and even the municipality does not rent us and if we did, we could not pay it," he synthesized the communal head.

While renting a two-bedroom apartment in Anelo it costs about 25 thousand songs per month, in the municipality of Roca, Rio Negro, a city that is 139 kilometers from Vaca Muerte and more than ten times more inhabitants of the city of Neuquen, rentals for these properties do not arrive 13 thousand. As a result of the excessive value, many began to settle in neighboring cities such as San Patricio del Chanar or Villa Manzano. The gastronomy i hospitality These are other items that used most.

"People come from Germany, Spain, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic and even China," Carla said enthusiastically. Infobae. Since 2016 he has been working at the hotel Sun Anela, a complex of green roofs that can be seen from the road 17. "It was necessary to take many people, thanks to the oils, the activity was re-activated a lot, but also There are many who come to look for a job. We get biographies, because replacements are always needed, usually people who do not have much experience, but who come in great need, "he said.

They also began to live on the scene of Anel, which until a few years ago were unimaginable. Until last Friday at 9:30 am, in the residential complex Margarita, in the park Parkue Industrial de Anelo, Manuel Adrian Aguero, 40, a delegate from the zone of private oil workers he was attacked with a bullet in front of his wife and children aged 5 and 2. According to his wife's testimony, the attackers did not exchange words with their spouse.

"The fact on Friday night is hoping that this is a isolated fact and not internal, such violent cases that we did not live in, "Diaz said in that regard. The mayor has held meetings and talks with the head of the Federal Police Neukuen during these weeks, given theTurn on the power sensor in Anelo. "As we are planning an oil city, such a project is also being planned, a police station is being built, a hospital built," he added.

Sesilia was a victim of theft of goods in her homeland on Monday this week, and two months ago thieves entered her house. "I have a fence, it was a dog, we went and we did not activate the alarm that day, when we returned, we forced the door, everything turned around, my children gave half of them," he said. Neighbors agree that although such events have become more frequent, they always appear in the absence of residents. At least for now.

Despite two episodes, Cecilia bet on city growth. He, for example, dreams about the arrival of a technical school where his youngest children can go, so they do not have to study in another city like his older brother, who in his fourth year is 80 kilometers in Cutral-Co. "Make sure this continues to grow and we all use it"says.

Intensified Diaz, despite the difficulties and impatience of many, ensures that the balance is positive. "They tell me that the mayor brings the university to Anela, but I do not have a registration fee for that, when I have 30,000 inhabitants, I have it or a hospital surgery for a month-long operation that we can not have," he explained before he summed up the idea on the picture : "We must stop being a small town if we want to see the cinema in Anela".

Anelo adapts to dizzying changes, tries to establish growth from the ordinary, and at the same time dreams of ceasing to be a small city, He faces the challenge of not becoming a big hell.

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