Tuesday , January 31 2023

Bright light, a field of view in the form of a question marked as a California meteor


A dramatic strong light fluttered across the California sky on Wednesday night leaving behind an unusual pathway in the form of a question that left home people scratching their heads.

Residents across California are confused by the unusual formation in the sky, bringing in social media to share their confusion and presumption.

Dashcam footage shows a strong light that appears in the sky leaving behind a shiny, white tail. What remained in the sky was the display in a form in shape, which looked similar to the question mark.

Unlike the usual meteoric activity, the burning tail has not disappeared, but it seems to have remained visibly fixed in the sky.

The question of the issue was visible from Lake Tahoe, the Sacramento Valley and the bay area at around 5:45 pm in California.

People also reported to watch a marvelous view from surrounding states including Nevada.

The Californians on the social media began to provide their theories, to exchange photos of this phenomenon and to discuss what they thought would be a mysterious occurrence in the sky.

Some offered the assumption that the appearance was a meteor, others said it was probably rocket, citing flights in this area. And some offered the theory that this could be evidence of alien contact.

Many assume that they were missiles, but while there should be two different spacecraft launched in California at the time, it turned out that both were canceled.

The planned launch of a rocket from Vandenberg Airbase near Santa Barbara was cleared, and the launch of Elon Musk from Space Ks was also suppressed.

As the speculations grew, experts identified the falling light as a meteor when they saw more initial events.

"The evidence is growing as the object is seen by a meteor," said the National Meteorological Authority. This was repeated by the American Meteor Society, which received 129 reports on what they describe as "fire."


On Thursday, NASA entered the conversation, saying that the appearance in the sky is extremely rare "noctilucent clouds" caused by a falling meteor.

Noctilucent clouds, also known as "night glossy" clouds, form 76 to 85 kilometers from the surface of the earth, within the mesosphere and thermosphere, where freezing temperatures mean that ice particles can form around dust and detritus in the atmosphere.

While clouds are usually viewed over polar ice caps, they can also form around meteor dust, which is an explanation given by NASA.

NASA has described formations that appear as "electric blue hydropoles growing at the edge of the universe".

Since the clouds are so high in the atmosphere, they can illuminate the sunset, even while the rest of the sky is dark.

While theories about which the formation was associated with missiles were ultimately incorrect, similar forms in the sky were recorded around the launch of the universe.

Few clouds are sometimes observed on the launch of missiles, and they were seen in 2011 on another launch of the Vandenberg rocket.

It is believed that the meteor collapsed into the ocean, according to NASA.

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