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Calu spoke of "El Polaco" and Fede DailiShov

Finally, after the fall in November last year, Calu Rivero he agreed to be inside "We can speak", which is broadcast on Telefeu.

As it happened then, the actress did not go into the cycle because "He did not want to sit with blows" relative to Ezekiel "The Polish" i Fede Bal, who are accused of being abused by their former partners, Karina "Little Princess" i Barbie Velez.

However, Calu decided to explain well the reason for his absence: "The character I came to speak of, Bells at night, is a woman who was abused by her partner, harassed and speaks about it to two people who, no matter what happened, were related to the topic, I did not feel comfortable . "

"It has to do with initial changes from the examples as soon as you could not do it." You could not come before you. Today, I'm thinking about it: 'Che, I feel pretty embarrassed when I talk about it before two people?' Not condemning anything because I hate people to judge, and for this, in this case, justice for people involved, " He continued openly.

In the end, he thanked the driver for understanding: "It's nice to say, as I did," Andi, I do not feel comfortable ", and you have, then we always know what he is killing. It was very nice because the journalists said I left you there, as if I was guilty And that's what I say again, let's be, really, everyone from the place that touches them, respect and know how to communicate things. "

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