Saturday , February 4 2023

Can I live a year without a "smartphone" in exchange for $ 100,000?


In the United States, Vitamin Vater has launched a challenge for those who dare to live for a year without a mobile phone, in return you will receive a $ 100,000 reward.

"Did you know that one of the two men said that? I could not live without my "smartphone"? "calls into question the company, challenging its potential volunteers to join the experiment.

To sign up for this program, interested people simply need to post on social network accounts of Vitamin Waters why they need to rest from mobile devices and things to do in 365 days the test will last.

At the end of the experiment, participants must show that they have not used a "smartphone" and will even be there delivered to the lie detector.

The challenge is simple, but today the mobile phone has become a device Essential for many people. Its use is practically everyday habits for the purpose of work, studies or to keep in touch with family members.

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