Sunday , January 29 2023

Carlos Stornelli questioned the senators of peronists who reject the immunity of Kristina Kirchner: "Let them read the law again"


The Prosecutor in the case of a bribe notebook, Carlos Stornelli, spoke after the decision of the Federal Council confirmed by the criminal prosecution of Cristina Kirchner, Julia De Vido and Robert Baratta as the leader of an illegal association that worked behind the planning work. In addition, Storneli reflected on the insisting views of the peronical senators not to try to deprive Kristina Kirhner until she became a solid sentence.

"The Senate would tell him to read the law again", specifically responded to the Prosecutor for a reason. In this sense he explained: "The law says that if there is an arrest warrant for an arrest warrant, we should try to end it."

Again, he left a message, in the ironic key, for lawmakers PJ: "I do not know what court practice says it will vote for a verdict unless there is a strong condemnation."

Stornelli added "If she was not a senator, Kristina would go to jail, but they prevent it and the senate has to solve it. If the hands do not grow, there is no political court. "

Finally, in the dialogue with TN, he slid it more news is anticipated regarding bribe-transfusers, to the point that says what is known as the "iceberg's hill" so far.

"We do not believe this is all, there are more, there may be more indictees, more facts and failures, people who say more things, find other goods," he said.

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