Sunday , January 29 2023

Cause of the notes: why businessmen were not part of the illegal association for the federal chamber


In their resolution, Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi estimated that
various officials and individuals who formed the organization
headed by the former president, worked as gears
a mechanism for the purpose of gathering. That's what he said
judges, "Call them and identify them as members of the same
Collected in the form of illegal association ". I mean, it was
affectio societatis, had the will to belong to that group for the purpose
criminals At the moment, they are alluding to the defense of business people
claim that their defendants did not share with the shift officials
the criminal purposes they had.

It's clear, the judges said, that they were the businessmen who paid for it
then officials or their agents acted motivated
to achieve economic benefits. However, they explained this
"the purpose described in the imputation is not designed for now
criminal offense of unlawful association ".

What can be asked is the judges, whether you are contributing money
that they themselves implicate the entry of entrepreneurs in
an illegal association mounted from the highest level of the state. For
To deepen this explanation, the judges have recalled this though part
The silver that contributed businessmen ended up
increase your assets, a significant part was predetermined for what
in practice, are called "policy costs".

For the House, regardless of responsibility
delivering or offering money to a public officer for obtaining
benefit in return, "We realize this is not enough
they consider them members of a criminal association with characteristics
which are defined. "

Bruglia and Bertuzzi consider that there is no doubt that their behavior is
entrepreneurs had profit, but "they noticed you can not
to keep them "acting shifted to the same purpose of collection."
who led the public agencies " And it was leitmotiv of the
a criminal organization led by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

The judges noted that it could be said that the leadership led them
the activity of other stimulants based on the benefits they have received
through agreed illegal payments. However, they emphasized this
actions "They do not allow you to locate them without additional information in the context of illegal association".

So they can be considered members of an illegal association,
demands to join a criminal agreement, takes over the role
determined within the organization and used to achieve their own
ends, with a certain projection in time. These elements, for Bruglia and
Bertuzzi, for the moment they did not meet.

Finally, the judges confirmed that it is an integral assessment
the evidence gathered so far indicates that the Accused are entrepreneurs
I would get contracts or public concessions for payments
committed to senior officials of the National Executive, not because of "theirs
which belong to the same criminal structure. "

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