Thursday , September 29 2022

Conmebol asked the teams not to call the players River and Bottle


He was scared. Some leaders did not want to believe, because Conmebol has not yet been posted on this topic. However, a few minutes ago, the governing body of South American football published a statement in which suggests continental teams not to invite players A river i Mouth so the Copa Libertadores finals are "equal conditions".

The topic is that on the day Superclasico will play (November 10 and 24), a new FIFA date will be played, for example, the Argentine national team will have two games with the Mexican national team.

The claim from Conmebol directly affects those who are selected from Uruguay, Colombia and Bolivia, who have players in both campuses. If everyone accepts the request, the Uruguayan team will not be able to count on Nahitan Nandez (Bottle) or Camilo Maiada (River). Although the pods are most affected, Sebastian Villa (Botswana), Vilmar Barrios (Botswana), Edwin Cardona (Botswana) Juan Fernandeo Kuintero (River) and Rafael Santos Borre (Reka) will lose. Bolivia will not be able to count on Carlos Lampe (Botswana).

Barrios and Cardona, Colombians from Boka.
Barrios and Cardona, Colombians from Boka.

The resolution was a sign that clubs expect, especially since they have already received the consent of the Argentine team, who did not call the players River and Boca. Those who remained on the scroll list and usually referred to as these matches are: Franco Armani, Piet Martinez, Ekekuiel Palacios and Cristian Pavon.

Infantino in the final

FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed today that he will be in Copa Libertadores match between the river and the Boka at the Monumental Stadium on Saturday, June 24th. "It will be in the final in the second match, spectacular," Switzerland said in an interview with EFE.

The president of the entity that operates the world football was on other occasions in Argentina and has close ties to the authorities of Conmebol.

Infantino will be in the Copa Libertadores final in Monumental.
Infantino will be in the Copa Libertadores final in Monumental.

In addition, Infantino was consulted, indirectly, because of the absence of visiting fans in both finals and convinced that "football is fun, not drama".

"Football is for fans, Conmebol will place the finals in the neutral field (Santiago de Chile 2019), this is a success, but FIFA has to invest in education, in prevention, in Europe we have problems of violence and it got experience and adopted concrete proposals, he added.

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