Saturday , July 24 2021

Conmebol will make a summit to define the future of Superfinal

The suspension of the first match of the Copa Libertadores Superfinals put Conmebol in the eyes of the storm. After reporting that the duel between Boka and the river was postponed until tomorrow at 16, the rainfall data will continue until Tuesday, making the Confederate doubt.

That's why they decided that this week, just before midnight, the leaders of the organization that gather South American football will meet to determine if they are finally playing. Neither Ksenyise managers nor those of Millions will participate in the summit. Everything will be settled indoors.

The news that rain in the evening will make Conmebol analyze some alternatives for tomorrow's date. Worried about the same thing happening today, they still do not know which is the best option. In principle, they will meet this week at 11 and will then present the steps to be followed.

If at the time of the summit the prognosis continues to be bad, the first Superfinal match could be transferred on Saturday next week. Although it would be focused on the date of FIFA (Argentina played on Friday and Tuesday against Mexico), neither Boca nor River were invited to various national teams.

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