Thursday , May 19 2022

Continue waiting for Matias Suarez


During the day, River before the Union will play his second game at the beginning of this demanding semester in which he wants to be the protagonist. However, the team led by Marcello Gallardo is still thinking about reinforcements, more precisely in Matias Suarez the man the coach intended to join the attack by Millionaire who was bitter about Rodrigo Mor's departure, Ignacio Scocc's injury and Julian Alvarez's participation in the South American Submarine 20.

Although negotiations took place over the past weekend, there are still small differences regarding the transition between River and Belgrano, therefore Matias Suarez did not add Nunez club. The amount of the pass has already been agreed, the Cordovan Club will get about $ 3 million and only wait for a payment guarantee request. Leaders of the Pirates intend to fulfill certain tasks before leaving the player.

Is that the Steering Committee? Cordovan entity is firmly in the idea that a 30-year-old striker will hold a press conference to explain the reasons for his departure to the public. The leaders were harshly criticized by the fans themselves Belgrano After knowing about the departure of a player who until the year 2016 wearing Anderlecht shirt from Belgium, the team in which he won nine titles.

Belgrano, committed in a fight not to descend, he preferred to not sell Suarez. Players led by Diego Osella are on releases and have only ten dates to complete the tournament, so the margin of error is minimal. However, the football player himself told the board he wanted to leave River after the invitation of Marcell Gallard and the proposal of a superior contract in the economic.

That way, Captain Belgrano he will leave his club to join Millionaire. Behind it is waiting Suarez in the technical staff of the Nunez acting team already has an experienced attacker. We will have to wait to see whether Suarez is finally handed over to the Pirate leader's request and proposes a farewell press conference or will simply leave without giving the explanation the committee has asked for.

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