Saturday , February 4 2023

Correct the surgeon when you leave the party


The individual, whom the police are intensively searching for, was assaulted by a doctor in the early hours of Caballito. He also attacked other women.

In a dementia episode that is being investigated by the police and which could end with a tragedy, the woman was savagely attacked by an alien, who caused face injuries, a trauma of the skull, and even a crack in the rib.

The incident occurred in Caballito district in Buenos Aires early Saturday – though it only happened yesterday – when medical surgeon Natalia De Magistra withdrew from a meeting with friends and colleagues. According to the doctor who was attacked by the NA agency, she is still confused about what happened, she walked through Rio de Janeiro to 500 to the place where she left the car parked, when "nowhere has a person started hitting me and hitting me."

"I feel impotence, pain and pain, I was admitted to Zabala's clinic, and after the attack, I did not have any communication at the political or institutional level," De Magistra said in his home in the neighborhood of Belgrano.

"I could not see my attacker because he was coming down the sidewalk looking into the floor, a shadow appeared and struck me. It was not just a blow. He grabbed my hair, kneeled, fell to the floor and continued to hit me; it was terrible, "the woman said, still upset. The assailant did not steal any of De Magistra's things, just hit her, left her unconscious and escaped. After police investigations, it was found that that person attacked other women that night. One of them was very close to the place where De Magistra was later defeated. In an attempt to find the perpetrator of these attacks, the police asked potential witnesses, or anyone who could provide data from the chamber in that part of Rio de Janeiro, 500 that approached the investigators.


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