Friday , January 27 2023

Criminally condemned Cristina for the Maldonalddo case Chronicle


Cambiemos leaders Iamil Santoro i Jose Magioncalda filed a criminal complaint at federal courts in Comodoro Pi against the former president of the nation, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, for "political use of death" young craftsman Santiago Maldonado.

They also accused the former president of "intimidating the public" and lied about the circumstances of Maldonado's death in Cushman on August 1, 2017, the complainants.

The legal action, which ended on Wednesday, also covers Santiago Cuneo, Luis D Elia, Leopoldo Moreau, Hebe de Bonafini and leaders of the CTERA Alliance.

"After 35 years of democracy, perversely and criminally, it is worrying to panic or discredit the democratic government in order to gain political gain." They are anti-democratic behavior that have been penalized in our criminal legislation for attempting to upset peace and the trust of society"Santoro said in a statement.

The cause was borne by the prosecutor Federico Delgado and fell to the court of the federal court Ariel Lijo.

Santiago Maldonado disappeared on August 1, 2017, during a gendarmerie operation in the Mapuche community, and his remains were found on October 17 of that year in the waters of the Chubut River.

November 29 is a federal judge Gustavo Leralal He closed the Maldonado case with a broad decision, in which he found that there was no enforced disappearance and that the artist died drowned in solitary confinement.

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