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Cris Morena: "All the years before Romina's death there was terror"


In the past,

Cris Morena

already said that the months before the death of his daughter,

Romina Ian

It was very difficult for her depression that she had to pass.

"A month before the start of therapy by Romina, because I was very depressed, I had no psychologists before, my life was fantastic, I was successful in my projects, my family was fine, I was at that time at that time and very well, but I felt bad, then I realized that the soul is always ahead, "he said.
at the end of 2017 in an interview with the La Palabra (Word) program, without going deep into what happened to him.

Invited to the program
Morphine, led by Damian de Santo, who was a friend of Romina, the producer was encouraged to talk a bit more about this topic. "I'll tell you something I do not think we're counting on," he began. "Have you seen that the mother has something inside?" Mothers will know that the soul is previously known, because the soul has repaired it somewhere else, and the mother, the mother, knows that all the years before her death was a terror.

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"Did you feel in advance Roma passing by, something weird?" Damian wanted to know. Cris Morena nodded and was prone to link what she had lived. "All year long I wrote about death, and that was one of my best working years, I had the feeling that it was not with Romina and with Tomas, it felt like I was dying and I did not understand why."

This country has not gone unnoticed in its dear ones. "My children had a meeting with a psychologist from Roo a month before this happened, I was in the theater and died before Macan, our musician, with whom I was 25. I almost died and said," That's it " , but then I said: "This is not the worst thing to happen." Macana died a month earlier than Romina, also at one time, "he recalled.

"Romina was very far, very angry." You want to kill yourself, Mom, because you work like a beast, do not you understand? "He would say, and I would look at him and say no," he said. about her daughter's daughter in the depression she's been through. "She told me:" If you want to kill yourself, make a decision. "See what happened a month earlier."

The producer also remembered the song she wrote to her daughter for marriage, the same topic she used
the day they gave in Gran Rek, ViveRo. "She says things that happened ten years later: Romina, the chosen soul, Romain to give life, Romina, your light is mine." It was ten years earlier, because Romina had left the program and everything she had to do with "Romina, our angel, do not leave us." "

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