Friday , January 27 2023

Cristina Kirchner poses for a photo that shakes Peronism before Christmas


The picture did not hurt Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: she smiled, as though nothing, next to a senator, amidst the influence of a decision by the Federal Council, which confirmed his trial as a preventive imprisonment for the cause of the notary's bribe. However, it turns out that lawmaker Jose Alperovich, played in an internal one that looks very hard against his successor in the Tucuman government, Juan Manzur. The message of the former president would then only pass a mere fact to relax in front of their complex court front.

Nobody in Peronism reads that postcard as part of the former president's answer to the causes that include him, or as a complement to the weights he once again asked to disqualify a procedural measure, alluding to the political-judicial-media war. On the contrary, the image Alperovich distributed and he remained on the land of prisoners, even in Kirchnerism.

Tucuman takes one of the many lines on the list of electoral advantages. The date has not been resolved, but it is firm that the elections will be excluded from the presidential election: it will be after June and before the national championship in August, after leaving the governor. It will be one of the main chapters before the big election test in 2019. This is not an insignificant data for the PJ – because they were responsible for expiring last night from the province – neither for Kirchner. Nor, as you will see, for Change.

Until recently, strictly speaking, sources from the Tucuman government estimated that Alperovic's offensive would not reach the point of fracture and confrontation in the elections. Does the meeting with the former president definitely change the situation? Each answer is minimal premature. Photo data: from Kirchner's core would have been released in the last few hours messages to the governor to reduce the tone of movement and leave space for conversations.

Manzur also had his picture on a week ending. He shared a table Argentina Federal, the convergence required by provincial PJ chiefs as an alternative to 2019. It was the third and final year of the year, which gathered ten provinces this time: eight governors and two others sent their marriages. Also, since the first appointment, Sergio Massa and Miguel Angel Pichetto.

With everything, The Governor of Tucuman maintains a favorable position for armed very wide Peronian units. It is a hint that differs from other members of the federal state. In this scheme, it would be ideal if Fernandez de Kirhner was not a candidate, of course in exchange for negotiations involving his structures in the preparation of the list and some "guarantee" for his future. These speculations occasionally feed and friends of the former president and visitors to their offices, who say they do not see it completely determined to compete. This is not what he thinks, for example, Pichetto, who thinks he is very likely to go back to the post of president and believes that federal peronism should go in the fight against him and macrism.

Viewed from that shore, the gesture of the former president is reviving a reading according to which kirnerism, in its local versions, would promote its formulas against the governor of the PJ if it would maintain a strategy of structuring the third force with its candidate for presidential elections.

At one point, the picture is paradoxical. Kirchnerismo usually disqualifies federal peronism – And his possible national candidacy – confirming it is "functional" according to the plans of Mauricio Macri. The decision to represent the battle in each district against the pioneering governors has been shown from that time as "functional" for the change at the provincial level.

Some of them would give some messages that would try to distance the climate surrounding the Tucuman case. The question is simple: if Alperovich finally shares his voice with Manzur, can we give Cambiemos a chance to win? Senator Tucuman shows the symptoms of his personal game, as he did a few months ago when he interrupted the block that was over Pichett.

This will be seen as an internal Peronist, who already begins to transcend its boundaries: I would live to change in the province.

In the middle of the week that ended, Rogelio Frigio traveled to Tucuman at the head of the official rank. After that he met with Alfonso Prat-Gaios, Jose Cano and other local leaders. The meeting abandoned the impression of a more optimistic environment, willing to fight better chances. The candidate is not defined and maybe for this reason internal wrestling can be more intense.

In days, so many pictures, nor did this photograph of the Minister remain unnoticed for Peronism.

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