Wednesday , May 25 2022

"Daddy" Iofre received a candidature for the marriage of Alfredo Olmedo


Juan Bautista "Tata" Iofre does not want to talk to journalism, says he does not want to hurt Alfredo Olmedo, He just agreed to confirm that he had gone down the possibility of candidacy with deputy salteno, "who never" wanted, is convinced. It is a formula that did not last for two weeks, since Olmedo started it on Mar del Plata on January 11, although it was not agreed with journalists and a successful writer.

Iofre joined in late November as Olmed's Campaign Manager, inspired by the success of Brazilian Jair Bolsonaroa, who came to the presidency of his country under the auspices of his old military colleagues and through the network of evangelical churches, which became his political platform.

Salta tried to mimic this dynamics, although she was known to boast "do not read, you did not read or read the Bible in the future", which is contrary to the image he wants to transfer, appearing in interviews and meetings with a copy of the New Testament. "He's a chick," he said Infobae the person who was supposed to work for him.

Olmedo also opted for campaign organization formalization, avoiding installing an office and hiring specialized staff. He did not even accept involvement of two experts in social networks and team meetings took place in an unregulated way in hotels where the deputy lives, said Iofre's associate. Infobae.

It is obvious that Salteno tried to contact Iofra because of his experience in the successful campaign of Carlos Saul Menem, a atypical candidate who opposed formalities, no matter – before defeating the president – he defeated the then president of the Justicialist Antonio Cafiero, in internal partisan. "There was a political structure below Menem, which is not the case", he commented on the journalist to explain the differences.

In any case, even though it was not possible to talk about politics with the candidate of the campaigner, since the only works were done in evangelical churches, Iofre was determined to make a political bet, like the one I made 30 years ago.

Surprised by the acceleration that Olmedo wanted to send to print candidates, imposing on him the vice-presidential candidate, Iofre learned through the media that Salta had decided to offer him first place on the list of deputy Cecilia Pando and decided to withdraw.

The journalist told his friends that he had not even contacted Olmed to pass on his decision. "If it is not possible to meet him or speak seriously, why," he explained.

Ioffe was the first bearer of the SIDE who had the Menem government, and then he was the ambassador to Panama and Portugal. In recent years he has become a writer best sellers as We all were i Nobody was. The action of Madrid i Between Hitler and Peron These were some of the last books he published.

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