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Dance 2018: Why will the coaches have to play in the final tonight? – 12/20/2018


Soon, the finals "Dancing 2018"from the"ShovMatch"(Thirteen). Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza will challenge the title of the champion of the competition Sofi Morandi and Julian Serrano. Unique fact, as explained Marcelo Tinelli, this time, Coaches of both couples need to dance.

At the end "Dancing 2018", the finalists will play four rhythms: Disco, Cha Cha Pop, Salsa de tres and Tango. In the Salsa de Trios, there is a need for coaches to join the participants.

During the competition, when this rhythm was dancing, all pairs were tracked famous. Now, in the finals, this role will remain in the hands of the coach.

Well, things, coach Mother Napp they will play with them Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza while Nicholas Merlin will do it Sofi Morandi and Julian Serrano.

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