Tuesday , January 31 2023

Daniel Campos, a representative of Oscar-winning Romer: "Knowing him, of course, it is tempted by the river"


Gonzalo Martinez has announced, after the Copa Libertadores against Botswana, that he will leave River to play in Major League Soccer in the United States. From Millionaire, they started looking for a replacement, and in the last few hours appeared the name Oscar Romero, the Paraguay linker currently in Shanghai Shenhua from China.

Danijel Kampos, a representative of the external team, spoke about the players' situation. "There are two more years of contract, they are very high salaries, but If they call me from the river, we can talk and see the possibility of managing something. Since it is very difficult, but not impossible "He said Closs Continental. "The player is always decisive, the Oscar is the one who decides. Knowing him, of course, seducing him ", he added later. "Some time ago, Guillermo Barros Schelotto invited him to Botco, but that can not be done," he added.

"Any footballer and more Oscar-winning style, which is a gallery and stick, represents a river class." That does not mean that, no matter how much you like, then we will deal with the reality that you have to negotiate with a club that has invested a lot of money in shopping and pay. I do not want to endure, but there is no worse management than what has not been done ", close it.

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