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Depression and anxiety, the main causes of atopic dermatitis

Mexico (EFE) .- With atopic dermatitis, a skin disease characterized by dryness, redness and itching, causes depression and anxiety in six out of 10 patients, which affects their quality of life and even leads to suicidal thoughts, said specialists today.

They affect the quality of life

"It is a disease that is being evaluated, affects 10% of the population of children and about 3.8 million adults in Mexico. Because of their symptoms, patients see their lives affected by various socioeconomic reasons what this condition means, "said dermatologist Angelica Beiran.

The specialist noted that, like acne, atopic dermatitis is one of the The main causes of dermatological consultation in Mexico.

Both have a strong impact on patients' self-esteem, as they tend to be undernourished and discriminated against because of their appearance.

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Discrimination and harassment

According to a study by the Mexican Foundation for the Dermatology of Patients with Disease, 60% have depression, 90% anxiety and 85% have significant itching.

In addition, mainly because of the weed Your classes are affected Sleeping, on average, sleeps 2.5 hours less than the general population.

Similarly, 27% of patients suffer from physical or psychological harassment, mostly children, and 11% feel discriminated against because of the appearance of the skin.

Symptoms and recommendations

"One of the features of this disease is that the skin presents injuries and bleeding"Explained the allergist Maria de Jesus Vazkuez.

Although treatment, in mild and moderate cases, is usually based on skin hydration and drugs, mainly steroids and cortisone, about 2% of patients do not control the disease.

"Bar 60% of cases are mild, 15% serious and moderate, but many times self-help and lack of follow-up treatment prevent patients from having good control over these conditions, "said dermatologist Linda Garcia, president of the Mexican Academy of Dermatology.

The specialist said that patients should have special attention to control this condition how to use a special soap, discharge only with warm water, and for a short time use cotton clothes, avoid sweating and sudden changes in temperature.

Specialists asked the population to be familiar with the symptoms, especially the sepsis that is the main indicator of the disease, and were also invited to join the #BajoMiPielDA campaign with which they intend to inform and raise awareness of this disease.

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